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  1. WTS Atlas 2011 Nyx 2.0 Irons STi Eagle CZC Accushadow

    I'm going to Ft. Benning next week. Gonna sell my toys and throw them into my investing accounts for while I'm gone then buy more toys when I'm back. Muwahahaha. Feel free to throw me an offer. I just put numbers down and didn't really put too much thought into it. Atlas Gunworks Nyx 2.0 Irons...

    Cz Czechmate, the god of CZ's. It's probably one of my best shooting guns. I'm liquidating guns before I go off the OSUT. Comes with original box and accessories. Extra barrel and compensators, etc. But it does not have any magazines. Selling for $2,069 or Best Offer. MSRP is $3,659...

    Ah the elusive CP33. Keltec either makes good trash, working trash, or just trash. This one is actually pretty good. However, they come standard with 33rd mags which MA doesnt let you have. So I don't have any in MA. Also comes with a brace and brace attachment. We meet at the mills, and we...

    This is what I have: 80rds PMC 5.56 62gr Green Tip-LAP 80rds BUTIR 5.56 Ball B193 36rds Hornady Frontier 5.56 Nato 62gr BTHP match 40rds Sig Sauer .223 77gr OTM match 60rds PMC 5.56 Ball M193 20rds Wolf .223 56gr Copper FMJ 25rds Hornady .357 FTX 140gr 19rds Hornady .357 FTX 125gr 32rds...

    That's right Sig Arms, not Sig Sauer. The good stuff. 45ACP 8rd capacity pistol with 3 magazines of freedom. You bring it to the range and go bang bang. The paper target dodges because it's already shredded in the middle. I take offers so don't be scared. Let's meet at an FFL in the middle and...

    I don't know where my mags went. I think I might've left them at the range. Anyways, its a 57. Not THE FiveseveN. It's shoots like it though. But its not cool like it. We can meet at the mills and play wait in line and then transfer.

    The one and only. Legendary Yeet Cannon. Has 3 8 round magazines. It's so legendary I can't hit shit with it and I shoot every discipline in competition. This is probably the most meme gun out there, you'll never find another one like it. We meet at the Mills and do the transferring.

    It's a typical ole' 12 gauge shotgun. You load it, pump it, and fire it. Not too difficult. Even grandma can handle it, maybe not the recoil. Go easy on her... let her try some 1350fps 1.25oz slugs. Used, no original box. Let's meet an FFL near us and do the transfering.

    It looks like an MP5, but does it shoot like an MP5? Of course not. It's a god damn .22lr. No magazines because I lost them, possibly on a boating accident. We'll meet at an agreed upon FFL and we'll make the transfer.

    It's a lever action and it's also "tacticool". It's .30-30 and kicks like a mule. $500 and we have a deal. I'll meet at any FFL and we can take it from there. And no i do not have any extra .30-30, I already used it all.

    I've got a bunch of ammo I don't use. I've counted each box and there's a couple round missing here and there. I will sell the whole thing for $200. Otherwise, let me know what you want. Remington UMC .38spl 158gr LDRN 149rds Blazer .38spl 125gr fmj 32rds Aguila .38spl 130gr fmj 50rds Fiocchi...
  12. Looking for a 3-gun instructor for 1 on 1 training

    Hello NES, I am currently an IDPA, USPSA, SCSA, Outlaw competition guy. I am looking into getting 3-gun and I don't have a club or know anyone who be able to help me pick up good habits and/or push my abilities into the next level. I typically sit in the top 10 of many local matches but the...
  13. Harvard Sportsman Club

    I was definately looking into Wedsnesday Action shooting, also looking to attend the bi-weekly breakfasts as well. I've been looking for ones that have a huge ordeal of activities and cheap.
  14. Harvard Sportsman Club

    I am interested in them all actually... outdoor/indoor range, skeet, trap, archery, action pit but seems like I can't get into Harvard.
  15. Harvard Sportsman Club

    Hey NES, I started working next door to HSC and I heard the guys at the range blasting away and I thought to myself, is that HSC? Googled it, and it turned out to be too good to be true. Now I am super hyped and I am looking into the club and hoping I could find a sponsor for the following...
  16. Ruger 10/22 aftermarket stock

    Hello, I was wondering if I can put a 90/22 P90 stock on a 10/22. Or even an archangel kit on a 10/22. While keeping it FID legal in ma.
  17. FID and AR platforms

    So I have read and researched numerous times on FID and AR-15 ownership. I know it is not legal to have an AR-15 because it is considered an AW. However, I was told by a dealer before that I can buy the MA-compliant ones they had because they only came with 10 round magazines. I tried to argue...
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