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  1. White Mountains Real Estate

    There's something in New Hampshire called "Current Use" that land owners can apply for and that designation changes how the land is taxed and how it can be used. It's been a while since I researched it but here is one link that might help. Current Use
  2. Marlboro 9/25-9/26

    What was the entry fee?
  3. Chirac Mayor Lori 'Lightbrains' is curing crime in her city by suing gang members....LOL

    And she's targeting gas station convenience stores to shut them down with minor violations to stop gang members from hanging around them. Chicago gas station owners say city inspectors shutting them down for minor violations and ‘racist reasons’
  4. Delay

    I have a UPIN and my last 2 purchases with it on the 4473 I got delayed. I applied for it because I suddenly started getting delays. The only thing I can say is that the delays seem to be shorter in duration. I was at 4 seasons this week and got delayed but was roaming around the shop for half...
  5. 38 Special

    If you're in southeastern MA, J&S in Acushnet had some but he had a 4 box limit. He also had 380 but don't know if there's any left. He does a facebook video every Saturday morning.
  6. What to look for in a Python?

    One of the issues I've heard about is the cylinder timing getting out of wack on the older guns. I don't recall exactly how it changed but could be from firing hot 357 loads. If you get your hands on an old one very slowly and gently cock the hammer until it clicks locked then try to rotate the...
  7. Employees not doing their job correctly, wrong person denied.

    Well....What's a "Mira rest" or am I misreading something. Op appears to have something in their record.
  8. 200 yard ranges in SE Mass or Northern RI?

    Sippican Rod and Gun in Rochester has a 200 yard range but you need to qualify on it before they let you shoot. The last I knew they issues a special 200 yard ID pin aside from their regular ID card.
  9. Covid Relief Check

    I used my first two to pay for a couple of guns, a P365XL and a Ruger MKIV, the rest went into the bank. I told the dealer I was going to send Biden a thank you letter for the money and what I used it for. This next one is going to pay a plumber to re-pipe a bathroom remodel project.
  10. Hand Cannon Rounds - Can You Name Them?

    Extra Large Large Medium Small
  11. school me on standby generators

    I would do propane and get a big tank. Currently my Briggs and Stratton runs off a 500 gallon (400 gallons actual) propane tank. By going propane you're not depending on a utility to provide your power. In the event of a gas line failure or distribution plant issue you still won't have power...
  12. Near-Fest Idiocy

    I recall seeing a post on their website that said they paid $3000 to reserve the site for each event and they lost the money because there was no force majeure clause in the contract. They recently announced they were going up on general admission to $15 from the usual $10, quite possibly...
  13. Google Maps of New England Gun Clubs

    There's also a Fin, Fur, and Feather club in Mattapoisett I didn't see on the map. Fin Fur and Feather Club
  14. How long before I can sell?

    Given the current state of affairs, why would you want to sell anything.
  15. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    What about Tennessee?
  16. Anyone have a UPIN

    I posted earlier that I had submitted my prints and application by mail in September. In today's mail I received a letter from the FBI with my UPIN. Only a 3 month wait. Their website says they are still working on August 2019 applications.
  17. Anyone have a UPIN

    I never heard of the online application either. I submitted my prints by mail in September and haven't heard a thing. Their web site says they are working on August 2019 applications now. When I checked it in September they were working on July 2019. Can someone share the electronic...
  18. Losing faith 👎

    I've read stories about bad, intermittent, PATS keys. If the chip is broken or bad that can happen. Maybe try a different key. Especially if you give a mechnic a spare key and they can't make it fail but it sometimes fails with the key in your pocket. A bad ignition switch could be the culprit too.
  19. Home security camera system question

    I have a Lorex NVR 8 Camera capable POE (Power over ethernet) system, that way you only have to run a cat 5 cable to the camera instead of an extra power cable too. It's one of their 4K versions with the dome cameras. Has nice video but it was a pain in the ass to set up for internet recording...
  20. WTS Delete please

    Delete please
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