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  1. Moving out of MA - Change of Address (yes, another thread about that...)

    I searched the forums and read plenty of "change of address" threads with many different opinions on the matter. Clearly I will notify my current licensing authority (Chief of Police) as well as FRB, as required by MA law. Meaning - I will notify them that as of a specific date, I will no longer...
  2. LTC expires weeks before moving out of MA - renew or not renew?

    My wife's LTC will expire a few weeks before we plan our move out of MA. If all goes well, we're talking about 3-4 weeks from exp. to moving. She received the reminder card yesterday in the mail. Should she renew anyways? She does not want to spend $100. Unless of course you can 'switch' a...
  3. From the Waltham Police Deptartment

    Yeah, yeah, I know....they should never have stopped in the first place. I get it.....
  4. Anyone here used or using this Deep Concealment Chest holster (Lanbec Enterprises in NH)? He used to be a regular in gun shows, maybe still is

    If not, what other chest holster can you recommend for walking/running/biking/etc? Lanbec Enterprises
  5. And just like that... city in Illinois uses the Coronavirus to heighten Gun Control methods

    Champaign IL Declaration of Emergency
  6. One in ten Detroit residents have concealed carry permit - Tucker Carlson tonight

    In case you missed it. View: https://www.facebook.com/368557930146199/posts/1012922132376439/?sfnsn=mo&d=n&vh=e Part 2 will be tomorrow night.
  7. Help me understand Maura's 7/20/2016 ban on "Assault" weapon

    So if we can't buy/build/register new AR's, how come Tavors are being sold by stores who are know to "follow Maura's rules by the letter"?
  8. Why are cleaning patch so popular in the U.S.?

    They are super stupid and annoying, yet you can hardly find an alternative in stores. This is what they use in Israel for example. No one there heard of patches. This stuff is 100 times more absorbent than patches, you can rip it to any size you want, so much easier. I am curious, what do...
  9. Those who use electronic earmuffs, please explain to me what's so special about them

    I tested two different electronic earmuffs yesterday and to say that I wasn't impressed (compared to my passive earmuffs) will be an understatement. Unless of course I am supposed to listen to music while shooting (for better sound blocking) which I have no intention of doing. Both just...
  10. School me on SigSauer Striker safety

    I am familiar with the Glock one but can't find anything online about Sig. The Glock also has the trigger bar which Sig lacks. Please spare me with "the safety is your finger and between your eyes". Thanks in advance.
  11. Sent through Newton-Wellesley hospital Wifi

    Just saying. Apparently they are not blocking this site anymore.
  12. "Common sense gun control" is one of three major issues on Pelosi's agenda for 116th congress

    Ef her and the horse she's riding on.
  13. Received an old/er scope that doesn't fit picatinny rail. Does anyone know if

    there is any adapter for this thing? The scope has two of these and they are basically the opposite direction of a picatinny rail. Thanks.
  14. Very (positively) surprised to receive a renewal postcard from DCJIS

    Didn't expect that kind of 'service' in MA. :emoji_thumbsup: My LTC will expire in March 2019. When is a good time to start the renewal process?
  15. I am just curious (not a hunter) - why bow hunting over a rifle?

    Why is it better? Seems to me - again, to the non-hunter eye - that it is a more painful death to the animal than a bullet, assuming both the arrow and the bullet are perfect shots. Not bashing anyone, I am not a tree huger, just curious what the fuss about bow and arrow is. Thanks.
  16. The Greensboro, NC hero #ImTheMajority T-Shirt

    View: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156373197702360&set=a.10150214144712360.337483.804552359&type=3&theater #ImTheMajority
  17. Huge lot of molle tactical gear - I am not the seller, my daughter sent me the FB link

    Thought NES members might be interested. View: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/191420861624590
  18. OK, crazy question about my AR15

    When I shoot it, I can hear the buttstock spring 'echos' when the bolt carrier returns forward, like an echoed spring in a hollow tube (which is what it is ;)), but it kind'a pisses me off. Any way to stop it? Thanks.
  19. Another FB "discussion" with a 'friend' anti

    We've been going back and forth. He lives in CA, you would NOT want to see what he believes the 2nd amendment 'allows' us to own/carry/use. He asked me what are my solutions. I offered few and the first one was to END Gun Free Zone. This is his response: End Gun free zones will not solve the...
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