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  1. 223 Prices

    Not trying to sell it here, but I might trade it with a friend. I have an unopened case of Lake City 223 ball, 400 rounds, I picked up a long time ago at Four Seasons. What's it worth these days?
  2. Forum Fee

    I started the sticky on transfer fees in 2007. The thread has had over 100,000 views. At the end of the month, it will be adios due to the new forum fee. I've enjoyed the conversation and appreciate the knowledge of the group. Take care. Bogview
  3. Democrats and Guns

    I would like to see the democratic party separate its self from gun control and the ultimate removal of guns. It kills me that wanting a healthier, better educated society that takes care of its elderly has to be bundled with gun control. The trend of uncontrolled illegal immigration causing...
  4. Brass Catcher

    We shoot at an outdoor range (Barnstable) where there is tons of old brass on the ground. I'm interesed in finding or making a brass catcher that could be free standing or attach to the shooting bench for 45 and 223 shooting . I have a rigid catcher for the 45 and am looking a better solution.
  5. How Old Too Old - Ammo

    Rotating some stock in the safe, I hit on a bunch of old 22 and some vintage .45 & 223 reloads. The 22 had about a 4% fail rate due to mostly misfeed and a few duds. The 45 had a bunch of duds that all fired on the second hit. The 223 reloads were the oldest of the bunch and fired flawless...
  6. Ruger Mk II Question

    I have a MK II Slabside Competition ss that I have had for 16 years. Unfortunately, I managed to mess up the rear sight by adjusting the blade past the end of the travel adjustment. The adjustment screw is now locked. No, there wasn't a crosswind that day.[rofl] I just messed it up. We...
  7. Dillon 550 or 650

    I had s 550 years ago but sold it because ammo got so cheap. Now I'm gearing up for a new press. After hearing JAMZ comments on the 550 (Excellent Vids), I'm thinking maybe a 650 this time. It is more expensive to set up other calibers, but the case feed and extra die position are big. Should...
  8. 800 Gun Buyers On Terrorist Watch List

    Posted in error.
  9. Transfer Fees - List of Dealers Charges

    It's time to start a list of dealer transfer fees. Charges and policy vary from dealer to dealer. I was just getting interested in a couple of the classifieds here and thinking that it would be worth running the sale through a dealer to guarentee a clean deal. Curtis
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