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  1. WTS Delete please

    Delete please
  2. Cabela's Gift Card Discount

    I got my new BJ's coupon book this week and noticed that they have a sale on Cabela's gift card 3-packs. They are $25 cards in a 3-pack for $75 face value but they're being advertised for $59.99. BJ's already offers a discount to members for buying gift card but they added an additional $12...
  3. Cabela's Gift Cards

    I didn't see a post on this but Svmgiftcards has Cabela's $100 gift cards on eBay right now. $100 cards for $82 with free shipping limit 3 per person. If anyone is interested.
  4. Remove

  5. Centerville woman, Hyannis man charged with trafficking firearms

    http://www.capecodtimes.com/news/20170310/centerville-woman-hyannis-man-charged-with-trafficking-firearms $7,500 bail and a GPS bracelet for one and $500 bail for the other and two guns still unaccounted for. No mention of any federal charges either. Just wonderful!
  6. Standard Times Poll on Assault Weapons

    http://www.southcoasttoday.com/ Just noticed it. 45% yes 55% No
  7. Kulas Customs Cerakoting

    I mentioned Kulas Customs in another thread for someone looking to have a cerakote finish applied to a gun so I thought I would follow my own advice. I have a Mass version two-tone Kahr PM9 and wanted to have the slide cerakoted to match the frame and they did a wonderful job. The only thing...
  8. Bellyband Holsters

    I'm new here, very few posts but a lot of reading time. I am looking for opinions on bellyband holsters. I have done a search and found very few posts. Some recommending them but none from anyone that is actually using one and how comfortable or uncomfortable they are. I was thinking of...
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