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  1. WTS (SOLD PLEASE DELETE) Sig Sauer rosewood P938

    Used Sig Sauer P938 for sale. This was my EDC but I switched it up. Never had any issues and I am the first owner. It comes with extra black grips, the 2 magazines that it came with brand new(7 and 6 rounder) plus an additional 3 extra 7 round magazines, 20 rounds of sig v-crown hp ammo, lock...
  2. WTS SOLD Glock 45 LNIB (price drop)

  3. WTS Glock 45 with 19 slide

  4. WTS Glock 45 with 19 slide

  5. WTS Glock 45 with 19 slide

    Used glock 45 with gen5 19 slide. I only put 150 rounds down range. In great shape, cleaned and ready for your trip to the range. Comes with 2 10 rd magazines, glock tupperware, and everything a gen 5 would come with. $680 cash or venmo for green members Gun portal transfer PM me here...
  6. WTS Please delete

  7. WTS Hi Point 9mm (SOLD)

  8. Transfer fee prices?

    Does anyone know what four seasons in Woburn charges for a private sale transfer?
  9. Experience with calf/ankle holster?

    I like mine, I where it to church along with my side carry sometimes. If I'm sitting in church or in car it is pretty easy draw.
  10. WTS Hi Point 9mm (SOLD)

  11. WTS Please delete

  12. WTS Hi Point 9mm (SOLD)

  13. WTS Please delete

  14. WTS Hi Point 9mm (SOLD)

  15. WTS Hi Point 9mm (SOLD)

    SOLD PLEASE remove
  16. WTS Please delete

    Please delete
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