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  1. Opening Day Deer in MA

    I had another thread but will post here since we are making this the MA meat pole thread. Shot this little guy last night. 6pt dressed at 105. double lung, 80 yard sprint and he piled up. Wanted a doe since i have 6 tags but none showed and i couldn't help myself and shot him. Congrats...
  2. Deer scent ?

    I have had very little positive results with scent. As with anything for “cover” if they can smell the cover they can smell you as well. I have had a little success putting it out in an area i have a clean shot and have had some stop and sniff it long enough for a shot. I still use scents but...
  3. First MA buck if the year

    Certainly not a big one but he gave me way too many chances and i couldn’t stop myself. 25 yards, double lung and he went about 75 yards before piling up. 6pt and my scale showed 105# dressed. He had a decent body, i thought it would be a little more but thats what the scale said. Shot him...
  4. Opening Day Deer in MA

    I was out there this AM for a few hours. Even in rain gear I was drenched and got pretty cold and called it a morning. Saw 2 but they were out of range.
  5. Griffin Armament M4SD Linear Comp

    How about $50? Nice comp with only 20 rounds through it until I pulled it for a different comp. I just don't need it anymore.
  6. Federal American Eagle .223 on stripper clips - 900 rounds

    Dropping to $450 for the case. $.50 a round.
  7. First 2021 call.

    No pics yet??
  8. Federal American Eagle .223 on stripper clips - 900 rounds

    An unopened case of Federal American Eagle .223 on stripper clips. 900 round case. $500 $450 for the case. Face to face in or near Woburn. All MA laws followed, must have a valid LTC. IM me here if interested.
  9. Star B extractor spring - I need one

    I'll check them out, thanks!
  10. Griffin Armament M4SD Linear Comp

    I bought this for my Tavor but ended up keeping the break it came with so I have no use for this anymore. Was on the gun for 1 or 2 mags and then took it off. The linear is nice for not blowing your neighbors stuff off their shooting bench with a short rifle like the Tavor. Good Comp, I am...
  11. Sold

    Sold, please delete
  12. Star B extractor spring - I need one

    So, I have been having a hell of a time finding an extractor spring for my Star B. Can't find one anywhere. I have been looking for other springs that could work, possibly even with a little trimming. Anyone have any thoughts on potential other springs that may work as the extractor spring in...
  13. Issue with Dillon550b

    I called Dillon. Super easy, no questions asked and they sent me a new primer tube housing and base and it arrived today. Put it on and 100% fixed my issue. Gotta love their customer service!!
  14. MA Antlerless Deer Permits last day 7/16

    I failed to apply for an antlerless permit (zone 10). Oh well, not too worried as I'll still buy 5 or 6 when the surplus tags go on sale later.
  15. Issue with Dillon550b

    I'll try and polish it with the steel wool and if that doesn't work I'll go straight to Dillon support as recommended. Thanks everyone.
  16. Issue with Dillon550b

    I did some research on the forums about this issue and tried the various fixes listed but I am still having issues. I have about 30,000 rounds loaded on this press, all 9mm and 45ACP. My primer bar has been sticking in both directions. It comes back but not quite all the way to drop another...
  17. Mathews Drenalin bow

    $200 for the bow if anyone wants it.
  18. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    I was hoping that wasn't the case but assume it was because.....MA. Thanks
  19. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    Quick question, if I sell a C&R gun to another C&R holder, can I do the sale just like I would using an FFL to transfer a gun to someone and not have it count against my 4 yearly face to face sales in MA? I would be transferring it to a "dealer" with an FFL. Just curious.
  20. Mathews Drenalin bow

    Get your practicing in before deer season!! This bow is a proven deer killer :) Willing to talk price and some possible accessories. 6 matched arrows and I might have a few more things I can dig up.
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