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  1. Source of 50 cal ammo cans?

    There was a .mil surplus website out there somewhere. You could pick up a pallet or 2 for a dollar amount I can't remember. Outside of that, Midway or Brownells or any website. I don't remember there being a massive price difference between new and once-dropped. With the new ones you get that...
  2. anyone besides myself like and shoot 38 special?

    I shoot buckets of it. Steel challenge. Outlaw Plate matches. Shot Walls of Steel with it a few times. I can thumb-whip the hammer about as fast as shooting d.a. with it. I lean more towards the 170-180 gr , makes short work of poppers and knock-overs. Got a brandy-new henry still in the box...
  3. Tell me about .41 Magnum.

    Reloading data for days on that. You can make .41 Spl if the brass gets iffy around the mouth. I'm sure theres someone around here that casts for it. Good selection of gr weights and designs too.
  4. 44 Special Factory Loads -- kind of weak

    Could be. It'll make a 2" jump. Could be for expansion. Could be the older models can't handle hot stuff. Shows roughly the same specs for heavier 200/240's, so its a case limitation too. If you want hotter, get mags.
  5. Please Explain Grain Count?

    1000 different answers for that. Whatever works best for you is the only right answer.
  6. Stores selling 9mm ammo?

    Got a notification that this place is expecting an ammo delivery today, for anyone that lives down that way https://www.troycitytactical.com/?fbclid=IwAR1huSQ5WoCzTsCxcNFvCIBhVC_ljvN6uxS2agZyp8pUesnPRZ9bVLML31M
  7. +P ammo with the .45 Shield...

    Yes. Even +P .45 is relatively low pressure and velocity compared to standard metric ammo.
  8. Please Explain Grain Count?

    I'm yet to see a box that lists powder manufacturer and type. You can get pretty close when reloading though. Fun fact- when you pack in slower burning single-base powder , it throws flames out of the barrel like remington green box ammo. Best viewed at night or when the lights are off at an...
  9. Please Explain Grain Count?

    Did some rearranging- Grain weight refers to actual bullet/ projectile weight as explained above, which directly relates to size. Typically, the heavier the projectile, the less felt recoil Yes, you need to consider it. A full size steel framed handgun will produce less noticable kick, or...
  10. LOOKING FOR .45 ACP and 9MM self defense PLEASE DELETE

    Hey look at that! What a bargain for only just over a buck a round! https://www.gunbroker.com/item/876959322
  11. Stores selling 9mm ammo?

    Group buy?
  12. LOOKING FOR .45 ACP and 9MM self defense PLEASE DELETE

    This is usually where someone chimes in with "Learn to reload", but thats kind of pointless, because components are just as scarce as ammo right now. Good luck.
  13. $9.99 m193 ammo at TSUSA

    Well, my trainer said I need to keep at least 4000 rounds, so ...................
  14. Stores selling 9mm ammo?

    Outer Limits on the Randolph/ Holbrook line by the train station there might have some. Give em a call
  15. Stores selling 9mm ammo?

    Could be. Saw some in the classifieds. https://www.northeastshooters.com/xen/forums/wts-wtt-firearm-accessories.215/
  16. Stores selling 9mm ammo?

    Anywhere in Mass or near wherever you're at? Are you close enough to another state to try there?
  17. Thoughts on 9MM

    John is an avid shooter and owns 10 firearms. 8 handguns and 2 carbine rifles , all for various games and in 9mm. Johns "trainer" told him its a good idea to stock at least 4000 rounds. Dan is also an avid shooter and owns 10 firearms, 8 handguns and 2 carbine rifles, all for various games and...
  18. Before you stock in the next 10,000 rounds of ammo, maybe you should stop and think.

    Also, has anyone bothered to check the classifieds? I see stuff in there for sale, and I'm willing to bet if you put in a w.t.b. advert for Primer brand X, Powder Brand X and Projo diameter and gr weight X, there'd be a dozen p.m.'s in your inbox by the end of the day. Again, the general...
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