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  1. Gossip about ammo deliveries

    Interesting piece of gossip on National Review today about ammo deliveries to retailers: A Funny Little Bit of Gossip | National Review
  2. WTS Bowtech Diamond Rock

    2008 Diamond The Rock Right Handed Color: Camo Draw Weight: 50-60# Draw Length: 25"-30" Axle-to-Axle: 31.563" Brace Height: 7" Speed: 301 fps Let-Off: 65-80% Mass Weight: 3.7 lbs. Alpine Drop Away Rest TruGlo 3 Pin Sight Alpine Bear Claw Quiver 6" Limb Saver Stabilizer Peep Sight Rest is...
  3. A not yet corroborated thread from ar15.com

    http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_1_5/1913351_MA_AG_s_action_coming_home_to_roost_.html Between a couple of friends and myself, we can't find any corroborating information from GOAL or general internet searches. Has anyone experienced this? ETA: Alright, just found the locked thread. "Dumpster...
  4. WTS WTS - Volfenhag subwoofers - $100

    2 Volfenhag 10" subwoofers See product details here: volfenhagaudio.com/woof_pg/woofer_hps.html Includes the following: 1. Cabinet 2. Kenwood AMP Very good condition. $100 Will deliver within 30 minutes of Franklin, MA. Cash only. Thanks
  5. "Let's talk" against gun control

    I thought this letter was well-written: http://westford.wickedlocal.com/news/20160413/westford-based-pro-2a-advocate-speaks-against-gun-control My apologies if it's a duplicate.
  6. Range with an elevation

    I'm thinking of a sheep or goat hunt soon. Is there a range in the area that has a 200 - 300 yard range that is not horizontal with the shooting line? I'd like to simulate the possible upward or downward shot.
  7. Maine bear hunting

    Update - 11/5/14: Thanks for supporting the Maine bear hunting community. According to the Portland paper's website, the ban on bear hunting is defeated 52.5% - 47.5%. Thanks again. About three weeks to go before voting day in Maine. Sportsman's Alliance of Maine estimates that it needs...
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