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  1. Holster for molle vest...

    Hi All, I have a molle vest that I would like to get a holster for. I've been looking at the Safariland quick locking system and can't figure out how it works? What type of holster do I need so it fits into this system? Does anyone have one? How do you like it? Does anyone have any other...
  2. Looking for a paintball marker (gun)

    Hi All, As the title says I'm looking for a paintball gun. I know nothing about them and want to get something decent (best "bang" for the buck). I am looking for suggestions as to make and model. I've read that the Tippmann 98 is a good starter marker? Any feedback is appreciated...
  3. New schooling on Ham Radio

    Hi All, I'm interested in getting into Ham radio. Where do I start? I know I need a license. How do I study for it? Are there web sites that can help me prepare? I've started looking at hardware to see the cost to get started. I've been looking at Wouxun KG-UV3D Dual Band Handheld Radio...
  4. Looking for a 5.56 bolt action

    Hi All, Ive been looking for a 5.56 bolt action and it seems as though no one makes one? Can one be built? If so, what components can be used? I know there are .223 out there but are they "hefty" enough for 5.56 and will a 5.56 chamber? Thanks in advance. Scooter58
  5. S&W 1911 3 inch holster

    Hi All, Any suggestions for a holster? I've been looking the internet and other sites and have yet to find anything for the 3" 1911 Pro Series. Looking for an OWB. Leather or Kydex is o.k. Thanks
  6. Black powder revolvers

    Hi All, I'm interested in getting involved in black powder revolvers. I need some advice as I don't know where to start. Who makes a good reliable one? What caliber? What barrel length? Type of powder? etc. I know Cabellas is having a sale on them right now and wanted to do some...
  7. S&W Bodyguard

    Will the new Bodyguard guns be available for sale in Mass?
  8. Low Profile Ear muffs

    Hi All, I'm looking for a good pair of low profile ear muffs for rifle shooting. Looking for high NRR rating, something comfy, and won't get in the way of sighting through a scope. Any suggestions? I will also consider a good set of ear plugs. Thanks Scooter58
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