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  1. 223 Prices

    Got what I need. Thanks. I figure about $300 for an unopened case of 500 is good for everybody.
  2. 223 Prices

    Straight up. Thank you.
  3. 223 Prices

    There's no deal going, yet. Just want to know where I'm at. I bought plenty when it was available and the price was reasonable. For me it was always pretty good ammo if you could find it.
  4. 223 Prices

    I did. No Lake City to be seen.
  5. 223 Prices

    Not trying to sell it here, but I might trade it with a friend. I have an unopened case of Lake City 223 ball, 400 rounds, I picked up a long time ago at Four Seasons. What's it worth these days?
  6. How Old Too Old - Ammo

    What do you mean about the primers?
  7. How Old Too Old - Ammo

    There are probably some very old cartriges out there that are still reliable. The point here is that some ammo on the store shelves now will not hold up. The .45s were commercial reloads that cost similar to my own. The .22s were several different types. Some of the 22s showed discoloration...
  8. How Old Too Old - Ammo

    2 different shooters. 2 different guns. Same problems.
  9. How Old Too Old - Ammo

    Rotating some stock in the safe, I hit on a bunch of old 22 and some vintage .45 & 223 reloads. The 22 had about a 4% fail rate due to mostly misfeed and a few duds. The 45 had a bunch of duds that all fired on the second hit. The 223 reloads were the oldest of the bunch and fired flawless...
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