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  1. .40 reloads for USPSA Major - any recommendations

    Buying a Glock 35 - any recommendations on a reload formula for USPSA Major? Thanks!
  2. WTS movado and rado watches

    $200 - $1000 depending on the watch. All have recent new batteries from the jewelry store. I used to collect watches but find myself only wearing the same 5 or so. Located in central MA. Pm for more pics of the watch you are interested in. Thanks! Red rado $1000 Gold bezel...
  3. Carrying in the woods - caliber choice with various round counts

    Hiking and hunting in the woods from PA to Maine what would you recommend for carry... A gun with: 5 rounds of 357 7 rounds of 40 15 rounds of 9mm Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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