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  1. the death of the 16 Ga....Why?
  2. Ruger LCRx 22 WMR Revolver 6rd

    These guys had a S&W 22 mag snubby few weeks ago not the 351 but the model below it Worth a call to see if they still have it
  3. Best .22LR bolt action bang for the buck? CZ, Savage, Ruger?

    Remington 511 Score master great vintage 22 very accurate great trigger and will not break the bank
  4. ATI Crusader O/U 12ga?

    A lot of better used options for older o/u’s That is disposable gun especially if you are going to be putting 1000’s of rounds thru it. Look for A older Zoli Browning Winchester May spend a little more but the gun will hold the value. Also don’t be stuck on a O/U Remington 1100 or even a nice...
  5. 22 WMR Rifle?

    Shameless plug I liked it’s cool if you like the 10/22 platform Very accurate I just prefer my Henry lever in 22mag So it has to go What do you have for 22 mag pistols ? Would love to get a S&W 351pd...
  6. Educate me on the Ruger Deerfield Carbine

    Wow what an awesome gift ! I can’t offer any advice on the rifle but I hunt with a Trijicon Accupoint on a BLR and you can’t go wrong with the Trijicon. I am able to pick up targets very quickly and shoot fast with both eyes open. I like the green triangle it really stands out. I have also had...
  7. Remington 141 Gamemaster 35 Rem

    The express is just what Remington puts on their core lokt boxes they do same for 308 30-06 etc. So that would be fine. Target sports usually has different variety’s of 35 rem in stock
  8. SDS Imports

    I think some of the guns out of turkey are ok as long as you know what it is. And if it breaks it might be junk no parts available. I have a copy of A5 12 gauge from Turkey that I use for ducks and geese never a problem runs like a top have put thousands of rounds thur it no problem.
  9. .22 revolver question.

    I have a Iver Johnson sealed 8 thing is a tack driver and fun to shoot
  10. 7.62x51 / 308 Semi-auto options

    Browning Bar
  11. HOLY SMOKES!! I'm in LOVE with Levers!!

    I love lever guns Have pre 64 Winchester’s in 30-30 and 32 win special. I hunt with a Browning BLR in 308 And also have Henry 22 for plinking. I really want the new Henry in 327 no idea why other then I think it’s cool.
  12. .35 rem. vs .358

    I have a pre 81 BLR in 308 and love it not idea on the actual book value. Just be aware the pre 81 guns the mags go for stupid money well over $100. The newer BLR’s mags are reasonable. 358 is a very odd caliber noted for heavy recoil not sure what your intended use is for this rifle.
  13. Rifle that feeds Aguila Calibri/Super Calibri

    They feed in my Henry lever action
  14. Which rifle for .22 Short?

    For a carnival shooting game I say you have to go with old Winchester or Remington pump gallery gun. I believe savage made some too
  15. How many single shot owners out there?

    I just bought a H&R single shot in 223 Have a pardner in 12 gauge and 410 Also have a Stevens 101 single shot 22 pistol. I hunt with a guy who kills a lot of deer with Ruger No 1
  16. Lever Action recommendations needed

    Browning BLR
  17. Remington 870 Express .410 Unfired Value

    You should grab it if price is fair good for the kid and fun to try to break some clays with
  18. Bolt action .22's

    Look at some of the older Remington's 511 Scoremaster very accurate and can be had for around $200
  19. Glock 19 Upgrades

    Ghost connector and some night sights I like Ameriglow and I did some Brooks tactical A grips
  20. Pistol under 550? GO........

    S&W SD 9 VE
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