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  1. Confused about getting started

    I want to get started in competitive shooting and marksmanship. I'very been doing searches and getting more confused about what caliber to start with. What type of pistol and rifle to get. I am a new shooter. Thank you for any input.
  2. Colt pistols

    I was looking online at Colt. Are they Mass compliant?
  3. Hearing protection

    I tried searching for hearing protection. Looking for recommendations on what to use? Are the full set of hearing protection better then the ones you stick in your ears?
  4. Proud of my son and daughter

    We went to my son and daughters middle school for a memorial day concert. Both of them are in the band and they played great and we were very impressed by the speeches that the kids delivered.
  5. Ltc finally here

    Just got the call from the pd. Ltc is in and picking it up tomorrow.
  6. Ham Radio Test

    I 'm having trouble finding a ham radio test site near Athol, ma. I was wondering if anyone might know how to find a site.
  7. Why does it take so long to get a ltc

    Why does it take so long to get a ltc? I live in a green town and I was told 3 months. You would think with everything done on computers it would be a shorter wait time.
  8. Gun clubs

    Looking for a good club to join. Am looking for a club that has a good range for pistol and rifle and has a archery range and pond. I live in Athol. Want to join a good all around club.
  9. First gun for carry and Target

    I'm looking for suggestions on a first gun. Looking for a gun that I can carry concealed and use for targets. Would a sig P320 be good for a beginner?
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