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  1. Optic for lever action Henry .22

    VX-Freedom 2-7x33 Rimfire MOA For a general purpose 22LR like the Henry, I like 1.4-4.5x, 1-6x or 2-7x and a reticle with mildots or a BDC so I can shoot holdovers without adjusting the elevation. My ideal is Primary Arms 1-6x with the ACSS 22LR reticle, but that probably breaks the 'looks too...
  2. Essential Arms Lower Receiver

    I've had a preban EA lower I got sometime during the fed AWB - bought it, and promptly SBRed it. It's my only cast receiver. It works fine - now. Painted finish from the factory on mine. Two issues with it. The magazine well was a hair undersized. Some GI magazines (~5%) were a tight fit...
  3. Who's ready for "Fire" in your preparation plan?

    The whole video (which is long) is worth watching, but they talk specifically about firefighter escape kits where I've cued it up.
  4. Which model do you prefer more?

    The S&W 610 will chamber either 10mm or 40 S&W with moonclips. 😁
  5. Which model do you prefer more?

    Of those two, I find the S&W cylinder easier to operate lefty. Not quite as easy as a GP-100, but not bad. I'd also give S&W the imaginary edge for the local industry thing, while Colt gets an imaginary minus for not doing a lot of work in new commercial firearms. Maybe that'll turn around...
  6. My first victim

  7. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    It very well may be, if the military specification/requirements states lasts longer than two years in service. Contractors are not fond of building parts better than they are being paid for. When a product's ad copy says it's military grade or mil-spec, the first question to think about is...
  8. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    They mean the same thing the military means by it - just barely good enough to get the job done. Perhaps 24 years of aircraft maintenance with military grade parts and then 15 years watching contractors build military grade parts has left me a bit cynical. In spite of my giggles when I see...
  9. Deals and steals

    Haven't tried their winter gloves, the regular ones were good if a little pricey. But if you needed something else from them anyway, might be worth it. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Cold Weather Glove A few excluded products.
  10. Confirmed Food Life - Personal Experience In Long Term Storage

    I might be overthinking it, but every time I have mylar/O2ed pasta, it's been spaghetti because there's less dead air space so I can fit more weight in the same volume bag. No breakage issues in the ones I've used.
  11. Things People Tell You ...

    Megan types better than I do - beak or claws?
  12. What have you seen lately?

    Nice flock there! Wild turkey are still the living epitome of none of us is as dumb as all of us.
  13. Deals and steals

    And they have blemished PA-10 lowers for $99 - both in stock.
  14. Got my order in at cmp for the 9mm

    For a brief moment, I thought the CMP had figured out how to ship ammo a little closer to when it was ordered. I bought some 9mm last week, yesterday had my card hit, today a tracking number!! Umm, no. This would be the 7.62x54R that I ordered back in April. :D
  15. .22LR MEGA THREAD!

    The 22LR bolts can be pretty fussy about hammer shape. I had trouble with that the first time I moved the 22LR upper to a second lower, the notched hammer was unreliable. I'm not sure exactly which CMC trigger you got, but if it's further from the original hammer's shape I'm not surprised it...
  16. .22LR MEGA THREAD!

    Huh - an interesting approach. With NE coyote average weight being 36lbs according to my shallow search of the internet, that works out to 2.9 ft/lbs per pound for a 38gr 22LR, and I'd consider that to be at best marginal effectiveness. I think we can take a SWAG at 7.6 and 2.9 being our...
  17. .22LR MEGA THREAD!

    Exactly that - hunting ammo. Plink away. :)
  18. Anyone know where to get primers Part II

    Anyone seen any retailers in W. Mass that have any Large Rifle Magnum from any manufacturer in stock? I've been striking out on my regular sources.
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