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  1. Spotting scope stands

    I ordered one last week. I went with 3/4" because I have a 60mm scope and they say it's fine.
  2. Spotting scope stands

    Awesome. I probably still have a camera or 2 tucked away. I know I have an old pressman in 4x5. I have an 8x10 view camera somewhere too.
  3. Spotting scope stands

    do you run film in that thing or do they have some sort of a digital back nowadays. I remember we used to have a polaroid back so we could check lighting before using film.
  4. Spotting scope stands

    Looking for ideas for a fairly portable spotting scope stand. I normally use it on the bench. Ideally I can stuff it into my shooting backpack. I was using a tripod but just got a slightly larger scope and would like to have something a little more solid. In reality the tripod offers...
  5. using a range bag as luggage when flying

    "Where is your drill Sargeant? " "blown up Sir"
  6. Help Me Narrow Down My CCW Choices. Pick Out Your Most Hated.

    Right now you don't know what you don't know.. So whatever you get isn't likely to be your ccw a year from now. Buy something and let the proceess take it's course.
  7. Rusted bore on tc omega

    Fill it with coca cola and see if you can prove the urban legend.
  8. PSA: Honor your WTS deal too much to ask?

    Hey. The exchange of PMs probably establishes a written contract. Small claims court is there for you.
  9. Anyone use The Gun Dock before?

    I had a good experience with them. Needed a hunting gun for a trip amd they got it to my ffl overnight.
  10. What to name my snake?

    The Exterminator
  11. Gun store question

    This thread sucks.
  12. Replacing Broken Pre Ban Glock Mag Bodies With New Glock Mag Bodies In Massachusetts

    Don't worry. Maura doesn't get involved with wood.
  13. Best round for Canada geese

    Everyone can carry in NH. Including the geese.
  14. Best round for Canada geese

    Too much club. Go with a 7 iron
  15. News at it again

    The same people who don't like the coyotes are cultivating food sources for them. Ridiculous you say? Well just read the Arlington group chats and you'll read all about the injured rabbits, squirrels, geese etc that are taken to rehab fattened up and and then released
  16. News at it again

    The coyote heard the sirens and dropped the kid. Thus credit goes to APD for the saves.
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