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  1. 1974 Colt AR15 SP1 Back in the safe

    if it doesn't sell in a week. It will go back into the safe
  2. 1974 Colt AR15 SP1 Back in the safe

    Don't be fool by other Pre Ban rifles with sear blocks. This is the real deal. Pre Ban with NO sear block
  3. 1974 Colt AR15 SP1 Back in the safe

    I bought this rifle back in 1974 brand new, its been shot once and put back in the safe. The roll mark states "Colt Patent Firearms" on all early models before 1977 after that Colt patent ran out and open the door for the clones. You can tell my looking on the bolt and other parts there is no...
  4. NFA Items - Picture thread

    MP5 a oldie with wood. I also have a Auto sear lower for it
  5. Are people F#&king nuts ?

    When to the range over the weekend and people are shooting only small amount of ammo. Like there trying to make it last. I don't shoot reload in any of my FA weapons, so I stocked up years ago when prices when down to .16 per round. I got looks from all the people at the range has a rip thru...
  6. An intruder is at your door

    wake up the wife and ask her to bring me some water from the kitchen. Wait to hear what happens. If the intruder is in the house I will feed him and give him some soda. The lead sandwich should fill him up, for sure he will weight more than when he came in. Then I will watch the soda bubble out...
  7. AK magazines, which ones?

    the best are poly tech with a chrome follower. good luck finding them Steel combloc are next in line followed by Bakelites. check for rusty springs on the surplus. Plastic is not my thing. hope this helps Rick
  8. delete

  9. delete

    can you please delete this thread Just bought this for a member, What should I to? thanks Rick
  10. Who the maker of this 30rd mag

    yeah, that's the one. Some one here thinks a HK. I collection H&K rifles and I never seen a mag build so cheap. But it works run 30rds all day out of the mag. I have some Cetme 20rd mag that I want to get rid of. Work with you on price, remember shipping is what hurts, Rick
  11. Who the maker of this 30rd mag

    is the follower plastic?
  12. Who the maker of this 30rd mag

    Lip, for sure that's not the right one. thanks Rick
  13. Who the maker of this 30rd mag

    no way you guys never disappointed me, learn more on this forum then any other site. great member that go out of there way to help you. . In fact you help me in finding the maker of the mag. Thank you
  14. Who the maker of this 30rd mag

    I think your right its cheap mag. I got it on a trade with some HK 20rd mags. As far as the ammo, I load the cheap mag with some M80A1 and no one knew what it was. Its the hardest ammo to find right now. The upper picture are M855A1 ammo that will replace the green tips ammo. Living in a state...
  15. Who the maker of this 30rd mag

    Sorry No there not silvertips. The Silver parts in a Tungsten penetrator true AP. M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round
  16. Who the maker of this 30rd mag

    You answer the question about the mag, thank you. but I was surprise that no one said anything about the ammo.
  17. Who the maker of this 30rd mag

    Cheap.......LOL M855A1 goes for $4 to $6 per round and M80A1 if you can find it about $10 per pound.
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