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  1. WTS Colt Detective Special 2" blue with box

    Safe queen for me as I have a couple of other Colts that I routinely take out. Some internet searches puts this DS with the shroud for the ejector rod around 1973-1974 or thereabouts. I have not fired this gun but have been the caretaker for a good while. This would make for a nice addition...
  2. SOLD Sold

    Sold. Thanks for all the interest.
  3. FB and IG down worldwide

    I guess I'll spend more time here on NES.
  4. Slash resistent clothing

    What's your take on this? Doesn't appear very gimmicky but not sure how it performs in real life
  5. SOLD Sold

  6. WTB GoPro or any hands free camera

    I'd like to record some downhill skiing action and perhaps some kayak fishing with my kids so I can load and have their grandparents be able to have a 'virtual experience' with them and talk about it. I don't know where to start on these so looking for something second hand and comes with a few...
  7. SOLD Found pls close

    Found! Pls close
  8. WTS 2010-2015 Honda Pilot front end parts

    Bought parts from RockAuto a while back but sold the car before I was able to put the parts in. Been too long to return. All are new in box and plastic wrapped. I just took it out for pictures so I can show they are truly NIB. Front sway bar link bushing w/ grease fit $22.79 Front sway bar...
  9. WTS WTT/WTS Sig 228/229 RH Holsters OWB and IWB

    Sold my SIG 229 a while back and do not need these holsters anymore. Both are Right hand and in good condition. Very sturdy and commercially well made. Not the kitchen stove molded kydex variety. 1) Blackhawk Serpa CQC. Outside the waistband holster. 2) Comp-Tac Inside the waistband...
  10. WTB S&W 610 4" bbl 10mm

    Looking for 610 4" bbl locally. No matter if prelock or postlock. Appreciate any leads. Thanks for looking.
  11. SOLD Sold on another site

  12. Turkey/meat shoots?

    I may be late on this as I just realized Thanksgiving is in two weeks. Any Turkey shoots going on the next few weekends? I'd like to dust off the shotgun and try a few round of trap. Maybe I can win something.
  13. Looking for brain dump on Saltwater Kayaks and fishing

    I've gotten hooked on the idea of getting a SOT kayak and seeing if I can do some inshore fishing for SeaBass, Fluke, Stripers, etc... I've seen the Hobie kayaks with the Mirage drive setup which I think would be the best for hands free maneuverability. Lots of youtube videos with guys going...
  14. Feed network banner on the bottom of the screen

    Is this a new thing and how do I get rid of it?
  15. Worn Recoil Spring?

    I'm pretty sure this is the problem but wanted to throw this out there to you guys. New to me HK USP- runs fine but I can 'feel' the slide returning into battery as if you were to disengage the slide from a locked back position after firing a round. All the semi's I had fired prior to this, I...
  16. Any new hunters want to try duck hunting?

    I'm probably heading out on sat morning 10/17 and can take one or two guys if you want to go. You will need appropriate licenses, gun, ammo, camo, and waders. I will have decoys and a small inflatable to deploy them. I'm looking to take guys who are new to hunting and want to try...
  17. Body cam vid <GRAPHIC> bHIiOjc5MywicmxhIjo2ODAsInZlbmNvZGVfdGFnIjoicmVzXz QyNl9jcmZfMjNfbWFpbl8zLjBfc2QifQ%3D%3D&rl=793&vabr=441&oh=1db13bd7108899ff3aaa7eecb005c3a9&oe=55F64932 Dup? Maybe but good...
  18. Almost 10 years on this forum

    Actually a bit longer than that I think as I used to just lurk for the first few months. Anyone else here a 10yr veteran of this site?
  19. Glock night sights - revisiting beating a dead horse

    So, just got a new g4 26 and looking to get a good set of illuminated sights for it. Is it worth sending the slide to glock for their OEM set and have them install or should I just buy a set of trijicons locally? Not partial to any type, just looking for a set that will last.
  20. No more paper fa/10 accepted as of 3/15/2015

    Just saw a posting from my local PD indicating that paper fa10 will no longer be accepted. All transactions will need to be done via the MA firearms portal for electronic submission.
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