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  1. TC muzzleloaders

    Anybody have any experience with Woodman Arms muzzle loaders ?
  2. Texas Domestic Shooting/Teal Shirt Guy/Graphic

    Shooter was luck Teal shirt guy was running his mouth not kicking his ass and taking the carbine away from him. I wouldn’t have got that close.
  3. Combo Guns

    So shotgun on the bottom takes some getting used to also rifle sights make it different then traditional bead on regular shotgun you need to aim higher I float the front blade sight above the bird and will be on target. The 30-30 I had to bottom out the rear and am still a bit high at 100 I...
  4. Combo Guns

    Ya sorry no trades this was one of my Grail guns and will be passed on to my son. The pop up on Gun broker from time to time $600-$800 price range the 222 over 20 gauge show up more then the 30-30.
  5. Combo Guns

    I have a Savage 22mag over 410 And a 30/30 over 20 gauge I like for the fact if I am going for a casual walk at camp in the Adirondacks I can kill grouse along the log road and if happen upon a buck I have the 30-30 for serious deer hunting I grab the BLR in 308
  6. safe public range recommendations in MA?

    They have lots of volunteer opportunities not all of it is harsh physical labor 😂 or a lot of people don’t have time or whatever just pay the $100
  7. safe public range recommendations in MA? I believe you have to work 10 hours your first year or you can opt out and pay $100
  8. 20 Years in Reflection: Where were you on September 11th 2001

    Was working as apprentice electrician standing on 2nd floor of a building just coming out of the ground for EMC in Hopkinton. Foreman came walking by and mentioned plane had hit the tower and we didn’t think much of it figuring it was just a little plane and it was a accident. Then shortly after...
  9. safe public range recommendations in MA?

    Hamilton is accepting new members As well as a bunch of other local clubs Or you have Hot brass in west Springfield which is a decent rental range
  10. ATF called and left a message about firearms theft from a FFL in Hillsborough County NH

    got the call which came up as Washington DC potential spam and got email as well
  11. NRA American rifleman (rifleperson)

    Fur fish and game is not even close to field and stream I have never read a non pro 2a article or any fudd BS in that magazine. It has a big focus on the true outdoorsmen & trapping
  12. NRA American rifleman (rifleperson)

    That's one of the only real outdoorsmen magazines left
  13. Need help - Ripped off on line

    I believe another member had same type of scam and posted here about it and most people me included said live and learn you are out of luck. Few days later he posted he disputed the charge with PayPal and they refunded him.
  14. Mattapoisett Police Chief Arrested For OUI

    Just because you are charged with DUI doesn’t mean you will be convicted I have known guys that got arrested for DUI beat the conviction and kept their LTC. Yes I get the whole suitability thing but the guys I know that never came in to play may have helped that they lived in green towns.
  15. Are flashbangs legal in Mass?

    My kids love these throwing them on the driveway they have a great time. My wife not so much when I chuck them at her when she walks by 😀
  16. I think I made a mistake.
  17. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Post office in Warren ma still says masks mandatory girl behind counter had one on multiple patrons didn’t including me nothing said. Not sure what the story is
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