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  1. Why do LEO's get to buy almost any gun they want?

    well in RI you can lol just if your a leo or a fire fighter you can get them cheaper, a coworker just picked up glock 17 gen4 for brand new for 425 better then the normal 550 in ri.... Ill sit back now and try not to take offense to all the angry comments from the MA guys that are about to...
  2. Why do LEO's get to buy almost any gun they want?

    idk about MA but in ri with s&W, glock and a few others professional fire fighters get the price break too, not that it makes you feel any better though lol
  3. PSA Girls....

    Just logged into Facebook to see that these too lovely ladies are at the PSA booth at shot show... wish i was near this show lol

    welcome and green right away!! happy new years
  5. Comm2A Sues Town of Dighton

    thanks for update
  6. palmetto state armory has good deal on Gunvault

    Killer deal on a gun vault for those looking for one
  7. PSA's Monday Deal. You're killing me, PSA.

    Ordered a moe FDE lower parts kit with forward assist and dust cover door kit, 7 bucks shipped to RI was here in 5 days can't go wrong
  8. 300 Blackout Build in FDE

    looks awesome I am collecting parts now for a FDE Ar hope it comes out as nice as this!
  9. New range bag

    I love the first like you posted you can get them for like 139 on ebay but just can't see spending that kind of money I saw the second one at kittery trading post last weekend and wasn't impressed at all the inset to hold the guns does not look very durable, defiantly not worth the money imho
  10. Tulammo

    My glock ate it up no issues (9mm)
  11. Gun Law and Boats

    No not a permit from its last port of call, the way it was explained to me by some coast guard officials is that as long as the owner of the vessel has a permit, or legally owns the weapons for the home state/port of the vessel then you should be good to go. Mind you this was explained in the...
  12. Gun Law and Boats

    I have been boarded close to once a year by the coast guard in Narragansett bay/Newport harbor. The Uscg does In fact board still, in fact I have been boarded more by Uscg than state poliec/dem/ep
  13. Gun Law and Boats

    State law is in effect within State controlled waters. Federal regulations start 3 miles off the coast. Federal law states that as long as you have all legal permits from your boat port of call and you are in federal waters. With that said if you get boarded by the Uscg just tell them you...
  14. Morse Code on the Green Monster

    ya i took a tour there a few years back and they pointed that out.... that wall is actuly as high as it is because the original owners didn't like that the buildings on lansdown st at the time would sit on their roofs for free and watch so he put u the monsta lol
  15. Blazer ammo

    I have shot both through my block 17 and don't notice anything different from my already ehh groups lol
  16. What to buy to build an AR-15

    reps sent the file is awesome and very in depth even links to items he got, awesome for anyone who is doing this first time!!
  17. .22LR in Rhode Island

    was at Walmart newport today no 22lr bunch of 40 and 45 though
  18. Any NESers belong to RI clubs/ranges?

    At the sept meeting it was looking like beginning of July, wasn't at the October meeting so don't know if it's still on schedule
  19. Any NESers belong to RI clubs/ranges?

    I am a member at Tiverton Rod and gun, a little fare from here but its a great place, has a rally nice outdoor range and almost done doing a complete overhaul on the indoor range. tons of hiking trails to. I like it there and membership is 170ish a year. when the indoor range opens back up it...
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