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  1. New Sig P365 Owner - Ammo And IWB Holster Recommendations?

    @OP - if you don't mind me asking which range did you rent from and how much do they charge? Do you have to use their ammo? I am looking to do the same thing. Thanks.
  2. Impluse Buy P365

    The new ones? I was told by my source 10 days ago that they are not available as they have been recalled.
  3. Impluse Buy P365

    Waiting for re-shipping of the P365.
  4. Night sights on G43

    If I did it myself, I am sure you can too. You just need to make sure you have this or similar for the front site and a vise of course.
  5. New Ruger SR22 Issues

    Mini Mags it is. I don't think we should 'fix' problems in new guns via changing recoil spring or other parts. It's a brand new gun, it should work properly and if the recoil spring needs to be changed, my opinion is that the manufacturer should take care of it.
  6. New Ruger SR22 Issues

    Joining the "club" - bought a brand new SR22 last Saturday from FS, shot about 80 rounds and had one misfire, cartridge stuck in the chamber. Took it out and reloaded and it fired fine. Ammo was CCI, also picked from FS. I guess I'm gonna have to fire more while it's new to make sure there is...
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