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  1. Good Luck To All Those Heading Afield For The MA Shotgun Opener.

    This guy could have had a buck right in front of him and he would have had no clue always amazes me the things I see during shotgun season. At least he had Orange on. Last year we had all that snow first week I see a kid no orange and he had sneakers on blue jeans and a hoodie WTF.
  2. Good Luck To All Those Heading Afield For The MA Shotgun Opener.

    Not much action in zone 7 where I was today spooked some Turkeys out of roost going in this am while it was dark. They mulled around my stand and got back together and wandered off. Had to leave at 11 to do some errands for my parents saw a nice 8pt on some posted land on my into town. Back into...
  3. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    In front of my stand at 1am this morning just saw him in person on the way to the dump on posted land this deer are smart
  4. Opening Day Deer in MA

    yes you need to buy a stamp
  5. Good Luck To All Those Heading Afield For The MA Shotgun Opener.

    Anybody headed out Saturday? I will be out somewhere in zn 7 or maybe head up to Sterling zn 9 . Cameras have slowed down and all movement seems to be at night now.
  6. Big shoutout to Neil Tassel

    Glad it all worked out for you but F Wilmington Pd this shouldn't have even been a issue.
  7. Mass license website will be down

    They sent out a email and I saw it on Instagram no defending them because this was the worst time to do it. Why wouldn’t you do this in say in June oh wait it the state they could screw up a wet dream.
  8. Field to table game processing?

    I like a cheap Rapala filet knife for taking silver skin off
  9. TC muzzleloaders

    Anybody have any experience with Woodman Arms muzzle loaders ?
  10. Texas Domestic Shooting/Teal Shirt Guy/Graphic

    Shooter was luck Teal shirt guy was running his mouth not kicking his ass and taking the carbine away from him. I wouldn’t have got that close.
  11. Field to table game processing?

    I don’t know if any other classes but plenty of YouTube videos These guys are pretty good. Once you do it a few times it’s not very hard. Do you have a place to process a deer? I hang mine in a garage skin it out there and quarter it up bring it to the basement where I set up a plastic...
  12. Rodney Elmer and the Mtn Deer crew

    I like them been watching a few years. I am amazed at Coco Puff how he just keeps trekking along for a big guy. Also like this guy very humble and some good knowledge.
  13. Wear a mask while field dressing your deer

    Do deer lose their smell if they get the Kung Flu? Because that would sure help my efforts
  14. Recommend a good cellular game cam

    that's what I am running as well 2 others have been bomb proof for over a year been on live chat for a hour now trying to get sorted out UPDATE spy point is sending a replacment
  15. Recommend a good cellular game cam

    Didn't want to start a new thread anybody have any problems with spypoint micro? Mine worked great for about a year then stopped sending pictures and will not connect to cell signal according to the flashing led changed batteries new sd card format tried to upgrade firmware no luck. Yes I have...
  16. Urgent help needed for deer retrieval

    He said he found hair wondering if it was white belly hair and he shot under
  17. Shriners this weekend!! 11/13 & 11/14

    No ammo inside is West Springfield fire department rule they also enforce non flammable table coverings :oops:
  18. Coyotes In Revere

    Would see them almost every night when I worked 11p-7am shift in East Boston. One of the news articles they interviewed some moon bat lady and she said I don't want them hurt but I don't want them in my neighborhood ok lady :rolleyes:
  19. On the cusp of losing my first deer.

    Update found dead 50' in swamp have to go get kayak Thanks to some great friends found him this am not 100 feet from where I stopped the track last night shot was a bit high so blood just pooled inside
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