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  1. Any Colt M4 (LE6940) experts here, how to validate an early serial number?

    Probably not, but it's simply the gun's history. :) It's not like it was the first one off the production line, nor the last. ;)
  2. Any Colt M4 (LE6940) experts here, how to validate an early serial number?

    It sure does give you pause when you have one of their guns and it's serial number isn't found. Perhaps they should have a note that only certain types, or generations of guns are actually available via that web interface. :) I sure wish he could have told me when the first guns were produced...
  3. Any Colt M4 (LE6940) experts here, how to validate an early serial number?

    Thanks for the tip! I did call Colt, they confirmed two things: All rifles don't have their serial numbers listed via their online web interface. and My rifle was manufactured in March of 2009. So I do have somewhat of an early one.
  4. Any Colt M4 (LE6940) experts here, how to validate an early serial number?

    I'm trying to do some research, and I'm not having much luck. I have a very lightly used Colt M4 Monolithic (LE6940). When I purchased it in the March of 2009, the dealer made a big deal that it was from one of the first crates of these guns shipped out of Colt, so I should be very careful to...
  5. BREAKING NEWS: Taurus Curve Already Recalled?

    Well you get a special T-Shirt or Hat for your troubles.... I guess they don't think they are worth enough to give something of significant value. Not even a spare magazine or two?
  6. Bill restricts use of deadly force in N.H.

    Thanks for taking your time and effort to do this!!
  7. SAF (Gottlieb) Helped Write S.649 (Toomey/Manchin) "Background Check Bill"

    Attach a national constitutional carry ammendment to any 'enhanced' background check bill and then it will soften the bad taste in my mouth.
  8. I want to open a gun range..Help?

    Perhaps you will have better luck and lower costs (and problems with noise complaints) with an indoor range. Come up to Manchester NH and visit Manchester Firing Line. It's easy to get to (seconds off the interstate), modern and heavily used!
  9. Brilliant

    It looks to me that these will give you pistol defensive accuracy, not typical rifle accuracy, and should not be compared to a rifle, for velocity, nor accuracy. Compare his 75 ft shots on target with what anyone else could do at the same target with a dedicated pistol at the same range. Do you...
  10. Acme Armament's new location will be opening Saturday March 30th.

    I'm looking forward to stopping in!
  11. Hrrrmmm, Interesting....

    If there is one thing we should learn from the media... if you say it, and repeat it enough, it becomes true (even if there are no facts to back you up)!
  12. Pics or it didnt happen, right?

    I tried too many boxes of the Hornady CD ammo. The issue is that the polymer they use in the tip stops the round on the feed ramp as if it was a brake pad. I think it's the extreme slope of the feed ramp on the PPS that does this. I even had Walther (S&W at the time) polish the feed ramp, it...
  13. Pics or it didnt happen, right?

    Yes, don't buy too much of the Hornady Critical defense before you test it. I found it wouldn't feed also! Oh, careful when you change a magazine quickly, don't pinch your palm! (ask me how I know to give this advice). Enjoy!
  14. Drunk teen things neighbors house is his, enters, shot to death.

    This is a terrible tragedy. Let's solve this problem so it can't happen again: Enact A Federal Home Safety Act Bill so that no two homes can look the same from any angle, in any lighting conditions. To be fair and reasonable, this limit will only apply to homes on the same residential...
  15. Disney still selling guns?

    Why don't we start threads all over facebook and twitter that shows how even Disney believes in the 2A and they prove it by getting kids trigger practice. ;)
  16. Citizen Use of Force, NH Firearms Laws and Developing a Defensive Mindset Seminar

    Thanks for the review, I appreciate it.
  17. Need help with gun-fearing, liberal friend...

    Perhaps have him read some of these stories: The Armed Citizen Blog | by: NRA Staff Or pick out a few that you think may resonate with his thoughts. In most of those stories, not many people knew they were going to run into a bad guy.
  18. Sandy Hook Commission: No gun that can fire over 10 rounds in a row

    This video needs to go in the comments of every posting and 'op ed', or letter to the editor that promotes magazine limits:
  19. how not to build a rifle

    Did anyone catch the cat in the Gunlab?
  20. Has anyone heard anything on EoTech backorders?

    I saw plenty of them on the shelves at Shooters Outpost and Riley's in NH just yesterday. (in tax free NH)
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