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  1. Jeans with wide pocket openings for pocket carry?

    Carhartt's have suitable pockets, with a 642 or a pm9 in a Desantis Nemesis conceals well and can be drawn reasonably quick.
  2. family members covid vax required?

    We've always gone to my wife's aunt and uncle's house for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, her two idiot cousins don't feel comfortable around unvaxxed so us and the kids have been uninvited. Their all moonbats but those two fly really high. We won't be going back regardless of their comfort...
  3. Deals and steals

    Most of these only work out if you need something they sell. For instance, if you were going to buy $800 worth of Scotts fertilizer anyway, they sell it for the same price as other stores so you buy the safe, return with the crazy card for the fertilizer and the safe is "free".
  4. Deals and steals

    The cards you receive from Ocean State can be used on any item in the store just not on other crazy deals. I do this all the time for things like lawn fertilizer, lime ect.
  5. WTS Executive desk, credenza and bookshelf

    Bump, price drop
  6. WTS Executive desk, credenza and bookshelf

    Brand new office set. Stock picture because these pieces are still in the factory packaging, never opened. They are on pallets and shrink wrapped (except for the bookshelf). A forklift and some help would be available to load it up and multiple trips can be accommodated if needed. Very heavy...
  7. Free file cabinet(s)

    Were brand new but have been outside. One has a little damage, they both have keys. They are the sliding drawer type. Take one or both, pick up in Wareham.
  8. Free display case

    Delete please
  9. Deals and steals

    It's nice once it's on your pants. The buckle can be tight with some belt loops and to use owb holsters or mag carriers that don't clip or snap on you have to remove the buckle.
  10. WTB Browning buckmark rifle

    I’m in S/E Ma. Willing to travel. PM is best.
  11. Southcoast Club with Steel?

    Rod and Gun Club of New Bedford. Bring your own steel and unfortunately not allowed on the rifle ranges.
  12. What oil do you use for your guns? Is 3 in 1 any good?

    I recently started using Fluid Film around the shop and house and am finding it does an excellent job on pretty much everything I used it for (hinges, rollers, tools etc). I just used it on a couple of guns and so far it’s doing very well.
  13. Steel target guy

    This works great. Get a long one for heavy trucks and cut it into strips.
  14. MA clubs that allow moving and shooting

    Rod and Gun club of New Bedford in Dartmouth has action pits also. Sadly, other than Steel challenge they no longer host shooting games.
  15. Looking for powder coater in south east MA

    Prism powder coating in Wareham.
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