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  1. Unable to bowhunt so selling everything

    Dropped the price to 350
  2. Unable to bowhunt so selling everything

    Thanks for the tips but the nerves in my back are shot and it's even tough some days to walk. If I rehab slowly I got a chance of getting a lot back. Having the gear hanging around staring at me right now is kind of depressing so I was going to sell it off. Can always revisit it when I know...
  3. Unable to bowhunt so selling everything

    Due to a medical condition I am unable to bowhunt. Just posted the complete setup in the yard sale. Good deal for anyone starting out
  4. Deer butcher in Milford/Mendon area

    I am looking for a deer butcher in the Mendon area for this season. My regular guy doesn't process and pack deer anymore. Any help would be appreciated and yes, I know I should do it myself but when the wife's only rule for hunting is no butchering in the house I can live with it.
  5. Binoculars with glasses

    I was wondering what you guys with glasses like for binoculars? I am having bad luck finding some that work. Thanks, Bill
  6. Muzzle Loader in the rain

    2 awesome and cheap ideas, thanks guys
  7. Muzzle Loader in the rain

    I was just wondering how you guys keep your powder dry when hunting in the rain. I prefer my muzzle loader but typically use my shotgun in the rain. Thanks, Bill
  8. found

  9. Muzzle loader setup

    I have a new 50 cal TC muzzleloader that I am going to be sighting in this week. My first muzzleloader. It has a scope and Iwasn't sure what range I should sight it I for deer. I was thinking 75 yards. Wondering what people's thoughts were on that range?
  10. MA Bowhunters course

    They covered mass laws, equipment, ethics, safety, game handling, tracking and lots of other stuff. I know it isn't required in Mass but I thought it was well worth the time. I feel better informed. The instructors are all volunteers with many years of experience under their belt. They had lots...
  11. MA Bowhunters course

    Just completed the Bow Hunters education class yesterday. Pretty cool class with a lot of common sense advice. Looking forward to a summer of practice and maybe some luck in the fall. Any 3D shoots coming up in the metro west area? Thanks, Bill
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