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  1. So what's everybody making for the game on Sunday???

    Taco casserole and chips and dip
  2. How many genders are there?

    There are 2 genders.
  3. Happy New Years NES and to all our Vets.

    Happy New Year to everyone
  4. What are the WARMEST non-wool winter SOCKS?

    Not sure of the brand but tractor supply has good socks for being outdoors. Never had cold feet.
  5. Explosion in Leicester sees police declare major incident

    Maybe they’ll start banning bombs.
  6. Dog Shot in Norton

    I hope this Nancy gets caught and has his balls cut off.
  7. Photographer Defends BB Gun Replica in Baby’s ‘A Christmas Story’ Photo Shoot

    That’s a good movie. Shows a child with imagination which is sadly lacking in today’s society.
  8. Veterans Day 2018

    Never forget our veterans, thank you for your service.
  9. Shooting in CA

    I feel sorry for the shooting victims. They shouldn’t be dragged into the light after one of these things. Personally I think people should put more effort into protecting our children on the school buses. 5 fatalities due to drivers being distracted. We don’t put seatbelts on school buses. They...
  10. Georgia - Abrams won't be my Governor

    Just another example of poor sportsmanship by the Democrats. She’ll never be happy
  11. ***VOTE TODAY***

    There was only one here and he was busy chatting away with everyone.
  12. ***VOTE TODAY***

    Voted today, people didn’t seem happy with my colt hat. Hoping we see the end of warren and Healey.
  13. NRA Life Membership sale

    I will never have a million dollars. I have a ex wife.
  14. The Federalist: "Don't Rely On Justice Kavanaugh To Protect Gun Rights"

    I’ll take him over whatever justice that the Democratic Party could dream up. Knowing them it would be a person confused about what gender they were.
  15. NRA Life Membership sale

    I’m at the benefactor level so all I can do is buy NRA swag and contribute.
  16. Hillary Clinton loses security clearance after server scandal

    What kind of research was she doing that she needed security clearance?
  17. Did all the manuevering by the Left kill the Blue Wave?

    The only way to make sure the blue wave is stopped is to get out and vote. Only way to stop them.
  18. Jamie Lee Curtis wields firearms in new 'Halloween' movie despite advocating for gun control

    I personally believe that if the actor or actress doesn't believe in guns then they shouldn't use them in their films. I'm sure they can find another way out of the situation. Maybe she could explain the me too movement to Micheal Meyers. That would probably kill him.
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