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  1. Spanish Mauser

    I was getting an oil change last weekend and walked over to LGS. I have been on rhe prowl since 16 years old for an unmolested Lee Enfield .303 because of childhood memories riding my 10 speed bike to NH sandpits without swat response. Anyway there on the rack was a sporterized .303 and this...
  2. WTB Youth 90 cc atv

    Hi NES I am looking for a 90cc kids atv from Yamaha Honda Kawasko Suzuki I. Good to excellent shape. In central Mass happy to travel
  3. WTS Anti Biden T Shirts

    We all know the democrats are authoritarian tyrants-and dear leader Biden demands that no one questions his authority. Have a little fun this Christmas season with these shirts! Your leftist family members couldn't agree more. $20.22 plus postage. Pm for details and thanks for looking
  4. Transfer Elderly Person

    Long story short- Family relative is 93 and very senile. Has at least one handgun. Family wants it gone from home but not surrendered to DPRMA. I am not sure if the owner has an LTC or was issued a "lifetime" permit before laws went fubar in late 1990's. Could a family member who has power...
  5. Need FFL tomorrow in Nh Seacoast

    Anyone open?
  6. This cant be ok

    So I have reloading used brass and started to cast my own bullets. I am working with Lee single stage press, Lee dies, and Lee Casting Mold. My first set of my cast bullets came out like these. For comparison I also included a Hornady bullet that seated in the neck just fine. It seems that...
  7. Scout Rifles

    anyone have any experience shooting savage, ruger marlin 1895 etc.? I've been in YouTube and the other review sights. Leaning heavily for the marlin second place savage 11, primarily because I don't own a lever gun, looks alone and accuraxy.. Any taccuracy. Also, I'd there a heap of...
  8. Norco Princeton

    I did a few simple keyword searches about Norco Sportsmans Club in Princeton but didnt see any threads or commentary. Anyone a member? What do you think? Fudd?
  9. My Turn: In my New Hampshire, guns are not ‘essential’

    "Gun stores essential? Wait. Wait. Perhaps I can stay at home with my new firearm purchase and defend my family from those tiny COVIDs passing by or trying to enter my house. Good target practice? How absurd"! Rev John Buttrick I...
  10. Armed Socialists

    Sorry for MSN click but another story of socialists arming themselves to "protest" RKBA events. Gun-control initiative sparks face-off by City Hall
  11. Interesting Read, Protect Your Investments
  12. OSHA Fines Firing Range

    Hi NES, After a keyword search of the forums I did not see this story posted yet. If you belong to a club with indoor ranges that have employees working there take note-
  13. Transfer in and out of MA

    Hi NES, I checked out the stickies for an answer but came up shy- Can I EFA-10 transfer out firearms to free states, and bring them back in (new EFA10) as I wish? I checked out the EFA10 "Transfer" option and couldn't get far as I didn't dare enter in my real information out of fear of, well...
  14. C.O.P Default?

    I got a little depressed reading posts of people getting restricted LTC's.....I guess some things will never change. I have not made a Comm2a donation in a bit so I made one tonight and started review some of the cases in the courts (CIVIL ACTION NO. 15-11839-DJC) If the C.O.P. "defaults" is...
  15. No More Clintons Megathread

    Didn't find one.
  16. Barska Scopes

    Hi Guys, I've been looking for a scope to go with the bushmaster xm-15. I stumbled upon the AC11872 - 1-4x28 IR SWAT-AR Rif le S cope by Barska... I like it b/c I can use in conjunction with front sight, and its not super expensive. What's the scoop with Barska?
  17. Trigger Job 10lbs to ~4lbs

    Regarding trigger pull- can I get a trigger job on a mass kompliant pistol/rifle? I have read that ideal # for a self defense carry gun is in the 4-5lb range. Plus I want to start modding my bushmaster. Any advice is always appreciated. Happy New Year!
  18. Kill NRA Members?

    This man wants to. I thought you should have his photo in case you run into him. Sorry if this is a dupe-
  19. Remington 887 Nitromag 12 Gauge

    Has anyone had a chance to handle or shoot the Remington 887 Nitromag 12 Gauge? Some have given it a poor review. Any suggestions?
  20. Self Defense and Mobs

    Does being attacked by two, three, five, seven assailants permit you to lawfully use deadly force in Mass? Has anyone been prosecuted for using deadly force in Mass in response to an attack from several assailants?
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