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  1. WTB Ruger MK IV Pistol/Frame

    Looking for a Ruger MK IV ( or even a bare MK IV frame) for a project gun. Not interested in anything already all tricked out with expensive add on's. All models considered at the right price.
  2. WTT H 4350 powder WTB / WTT

    Looking for a pound or so to experiment with 6.5 Creedmoor rounds. I have cash but could also trade a variety of handgun powders or possibly some primers of equal value. Located in teh Fall River area but would drive up to 45 min or so.
  3. WTB CZ 457 - Any caliber or configuration

    Price according to location , model and condition. Looking for a project gun. Face to face sale only. Let me know what you have
  4. WTB Ruger GP 100 .22lr revolver

    Looking to find a nice GP 100 .22 lr revolver in the eastern half of the state. Looking for face to face transaction in MA only. Nothing shipped from out of state. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  5. S&W Model 52-2 Target Pistol. .38 wadcutter- Excellent condition!

    Sold. Please delete.
  6. WTS Cci large pistol primers

    I have several thousand cci brand large pistol primers that I don't need. Stored in cool airtight package for 2 years. $150 per 1000. Ftf in Westport ma. All laws followed. Cash only. No trades. Thanks for looking.
  7. WTS Removed

  8. More Deals

    Just heard that Village Sports in Westport is running an inventory clearance event this weekend. 10% to 40% off all store owned guns and accessories. They have a pretty good inventory for a small shop.
  9. deleted

    duplicate thread. My bad
  10. How to determine Glock MAg age?

    Lots of talk on the net about preban, U notch, Square notched, lined etc. So how does a person know if they have preban high caps or not? Is there a simple reference somewhere? Did some searching but it's like trying to drink from a fire hose.
  11. Shipping cap & ball pistols to ma?

    I know this used to be OK. Is this still within the law or have they made us safer there too? Dave
  12. Need Address for getiting records dump.

    It's been more than a few years since I wrote to the State to get a dump of what they show for my firearms ownership. For some reason, I can't find the address /description process . Does anyone have this info to share?
  13. There are 3.2M AR-15's in civilian hands in the US

    Yet, none of them killed anyone today. Where is CNN for that breaking news??
  14. S&W Customer Service? Will they muck with a non-MA trigger?

    So a friend of mine has a brand new S&W shield that came through with sights that are incorrectly installed (shifted to the right). As a result, the sigths can't be adjusted to point of aim (and the gun shoots 3" left at 25'.) The gun has been upgraded to a decent 6.5# non-ma trigger. So does...
  15. Does Bass Pro ever put their guns on sale?

    I have a few hundred in gift cards that I'd like to use for a new gun but their every day prices are no deal.
  16. Anybody spot 17 WSM in SE MA?

    Just purchased a Savage in 17 WSM. Being a fairly new cartridge , I'm not finding ammo for it anywhere in my area. Does anybody know of a shop south of Boston that stocks 17 WSM ammo? Thanks
  17. Muzzle brake on .22

    I have an opportunity to buy a threaded SS barrel for my 77/22 cheap. I was thinking on picking it up and adding a muzzle brake (realizing it's not going to do squat.) Couple of questions to help keep me out of trouble: 1) is a threaded barrel legal in Ma on a bolt action rifle? 2) if not...
  18. Threaded barrel on handgun in MA?

    I know it's illegal to have a threaded barrel on an "assault rifle" in mA but what is the ruling on a handgun? I don't want to run a can or anything it's just that sometimes I see good deals on aftermarket barrels that are threaded and capped. It's not worth dancing on the edge of the law...
  19. Will Flint Arms Negotiate?

    They have a used gun on the rack that I'm interested in but it's a little overpriced IMO. Do they negotiate at all on their prices? I've heard "no" through the grapevine but would like to know before deciding to bother or not.
  20. Multiple Choice Quiz for Liberals

    Here is a word problem for Liberals: If your hunkered down in Watertown today, praying that suspect # 2 doesn't try to force his way into your house and take your family hostage: What would you want with you: a) Cell phone b) baseball bat c) single shot shotgun d) Diane Fienstein e)Ar-15 with...
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