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  1. WTS YETI Hopper 20 cooler

    I’m selling a YETI Hopper 20 cooler that’s in very good condition. $125 cash, face to face in the Braintree area. PM me here if interested.
  2. WTS Sinn U2 - 2 timezones & 2000m water resistance

    This dive watch is a man among boys. It’s made of German submarine steel that is anti-magnetic and resists corrosion from salt water. The U2 features Sinn’s dehumidification technology that utilizes 2 copper sulfate capsules, plus a watch case filled with an inert gas. This technology not...
  3. FS: Breitling B-1 Chronometre SuperQuartz (A78362)

    I’m selling my very well cared for black dial Breitling B-1 with the B78 SuperQuartz movement. Specification: Stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet. Bi-directional rotating stainless steel bezel that actuates inner slide rule Black dial with silver tone luminous hands and index...
  4. SOLD Tag Heuer “Jason Bourne” Watch - SOLD

    I’ve decided to sell my Tag Heuer Link CT1111. If you search you’ll find most people selling more recent versions of the CT1111 as the “Bourne” watch, but their dials are not the same as the one Matt Damon wears in the movie. My watch is the actual version with the correct dial. These have...
  5. WTS S&W Shield Gen 1 with TruGlo sights + PJ Holster

    I’m selling a very good condition Gen 1 Shield with TruGlo night sights. It comes with 2 mags but no box. Also included is a PJ Holsters very thin holster made from a single piece of kydex and a PJ kydex extra mag holder for your belt. $375 FTF on an eFA-10 at the Braintree Rifle & Pistol...
  6. WTS S&W 360J .38 spl + 9mm cylinder

    This is the Japanese Police version with the threaded hole in the butt to attach a lanyard. I’m the second owner and I’ve never fired it. The lock was removed and plugged by the original owner. It has a scandium frame and a steel cylinder. It also comes with an additional Cylinder & Slide...
  7. WTS Olight Ti Warrior Mini Winter + Ti Otool **REDUCED**

    I have a LNIB(never carried, just charged and function tested) Warrior Mini Ti Winter limited edition light. It comes with everything they ship with, plus a LNIB Ti Otool, two rubber end caps for the Warrior Mini, a rubber Olight patch with Velcro backing and a Summer bookmark. These are...
  8. WTB S&W 351C or 351PD

    I’m looking for either of these revolvers. PM me if you have one for sale locally.
  9. WTS Hitch &Timber Runt 2.0 EDC Organizer **REDUCED**

    Hitch & Timber only takes 15 orders total per day for their products before they close down their website. The "Runt 2.0" is the best way to keep your EDC tools protected and accessible. Keep your everyday carry organized with this American made double leather slip. This handcrafted double...
  10. WTS Combat Beads V2 1/4” Precision Driver - Aged Brass **REDUCED**

    V2 Precision 1/4" hex driver milled from a solid 0.75” diameter rod. This is the aged brass version. Precision ABEC 11 bearing. The bearing is removable and can be cleaned or replaced easily. Magnet insert so bits are held in place. Large grip with frag milling for enhanced grip and torque...
  11. SOLD Olight Warrior Mini: only 1 left

  12. Madbob Jackknife Lock Pick Set **SOLD***

  13. High-Tech Stop & Frisk

    Here's an article from the Wall Street Journal highlighting the use of police license plate scanners to amass info on citizens that attend gun shows.
  14. Old timer with expired license want to get rid of an old revolver.

    There's an old timer in my neighborhood whose permit has long since expired. He has a revolver in a lock box that hasn't seen the light of day for more than a decade. He wants to get it out of his house. It's been registered in the past. Can we complete a transaction without any legal issues?
  15. Key points for an article about the AG ban?

    I've read hundreds of pages, and I've seen several very strong arguments offered. I can't keep up with all the threads and posts, though. I've been asked to help a friend write an article about the AG ban. He feels like there's a story that isn't being told by the press. If you had list...
  16. How is a lower receiver purchase classified?

    I apologize in advance for such a mundane question. I've never purchased a lower, but I'm fully aware that it's the serialized portion of an AR, and as such, requires a purchase through regularly accepted methods. My question is, when you purchase one, is it classified as a rifle/AR-15...
  17. Another Poll

    I know, click bait. Simple question: "Do you want the President to initiate Executive Action on gun control?" 68% Yes 32% No
  18. Poll about stopping shootings

    You know the drill.
  19. Another "common sense" poll

    "No" is already ahead 58% to 42%, but I have a feeling the Yes people will make a push.
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