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  1. YoutUbe: Unaware NYPD off duty cop improperly carrying firearm has firearm stolen in broad daylight

    If she really cared about the people she was there to protect and serve.....that shirt should have been covering a lot more than just the gun!
  2. WTS Winchester Model 12 16g

    Price drop
  3. WTS Winchester Model 12 16g

    Wts Winchester model 12 16g. 28” barrel, mod choke. Bluing is in really good condition, small scratch in barrel(see pics). great overall condition. Stock has some finish issues, I bought like that. Bore is good. No mechanical issues. Efa10 Hopkinton sportsmans club. Pm me if interested...
  4. WTS WTS New Benchmade Purdue Axis

    For sale, Benchmade Purdue Axis, new in box. Lightweight, slim, sharp as a razor. $90.00 all laws followed pm me if interested. thx
  5. WTS Ice fishing stuff

    Wts ice fishing sled, 9 tilts, auger(I think brand new, jiffy Maybe?.), self rescue ice pics, P/u in Bellingham. $50.00 pm if interested thx
  6. Are folks hunting MA in Zone 10 (Shotgun & Muzzleloader)?

    I was out in z10 today, Xbow, have permission, and plenty of room on friends property For gun, but like to keep a low profile. I sat for the afternoon. Didn’t even see a squirrel. He has not been seeing deer in his field like previous years. i have already gotten a few, including one in my...
  7. Fisher cat problem

    Good point, I didn’t real th op was in mass. Would never consider doing that here, would only do in a state where legal. i think injecting them using a big needle full of acetone is still a legal method iirc from trapping class. although it was a long time ago.
  8. Fisher cat problem

    Box trap...swimming lessons. Shhhhhh! They like venison scraps I hear, and have no problem going in a box trap.
  9. New knife idea

    Krein makes a really nice B&T 3V steel. Great little carry knife. I Carry it to left of belt buckle, horizontal. Very handy carry position.
  10. Whacked a couple last night

    Awesome shooting! I always stay til last legal minute. That’s when the action usually happens. I have never gotten a double, came close twice. Good job. Enjoy the good eats.
  11. Urgent help needed for deer retrieval

    Should be ok over night if cool, if the yotes don’t get to it first. Hobby/passion, some guy just love running good tracking hounds. They get as much enjoyment out of it as us nailing a nice trophy buck.
  12. My first deer

    Nice job! That is a very nice first deer. Congrats.
  13. Bow hunting today…

    I got lucky today. Had this big boy come in 1/2 hr after getting up in a tree in a new location. x bow, 30yds, entered on rt side, got partial lung and cut heart in 1/2, exited low left. Only went about 20-30 ft and fell over! weighed 162 dressed. 9pt. Had some good scars on neck from recent...
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