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  1. WTS Winchester Model 12 16g

    Wts Winchester model 12 16g. 28” barrel, mod choke. Bluing is in really good condition, small scratch in barrel(see pics). great overall condition. Stock has some finish issues, I bought like that. Bore is good. No mechanical issues. Efa10 Hopkinton sportsmans club. Pm me if interested...
  2. WTS WTS New Benchmade Purdue Axis

    For sale, Benchmade Purdue Axis, new in box. Lightweight, slim, sharp as a razor. $90.00 all laws followed pm me if interested. thx
  3. WTS Ice fishing stuff

    Wts ice fishing sled, 9 tilts, auger(I think brand new, jiffy Maybe?.), self rescue ice pics, P/u in Bellingham. $50.00 pm if interested thx
  4. SOLD Summit open shot climbing tree stand. For sale, Summit Open Shot climbing tree stand. Bought new last year, used a few times, like new condition. Stored indoors. Bellingham, Franklin area. $200.00 b/o PM me if interested. Thanks Dan-O
  5. Surplus anterless deer permits z11 tomorrow 9am

    Good luck!
  6. WTS Crossbreed minituck/shield. SPF!

    For sale, Crossbreed minituck for sw shield. Used some, really good shape. Awesome holster. Sold shield and found this while going thru box o holsters. These go for around $70.00 plus shipping new. Cowhide. price is $35.00 shipped. pm me if interested Thx Dan-o
  7. WTS Kydex holster, appendix, Ruger lcp2

    Bought at local gun show 2 yrs ago from holster guy and his wife, Army vet turned holster maker, can’t remember the brand. great quality, appendix carry just not for me. Adjustable tension and cant. Think I pd @$45. $20.00. Franklin area. pm me thx Dan
  8. WTS Comptac Minotaur iwb holster RH Glock 26 27 28 33

    For sale, Comptac Minotaur iwb Rh holster. 1 1/4” loops(1 1/2” are available). Fully adjustable height and retention. Used couple times. pm me $25.00. Franklin area. Thanks
  9. Oath Keepers shut down!!

    Just saw Oath Keepers has been removed.
  10. WTS SPF

    WTS Lee Classic turret press with upgrades, very nice condition. Upgraded roller handle, led lights, Lee Reloading complete press for $200,! final drop. will keep after this.stand, lots of misc accessories(see pics). was purchased from a friend who moved. Please pm me if interested. only 3...
  11. WTS Zoe Crist Goshawk

    For sale, Zoe Crist Goshawk, Black Canvas Micarta handle. Like new. Horizontal magnetic leather sheath. I bought used from another NES member, I don’t think it’s ever been used. All laws followed. $110.00 pm me if interested, thx thx
  12. WTS Wilson Combat 1911 Elite Tactical mag for 938

    For sale, $25.00 Franklin area. all laws followed. thanks
  13. SOLD CRKT Polkowski Kasper fixed blade

    For sale, Polkowski/Kasper fixed blade knife with sheath, like new, 1/2 serrated. $50.00 Franklin area. All laws followed. pm me if interested thx
  14. WTS Laserlyte .40 SW Laser Trainer Cartridge, new in package

    WTS brand new, Laserlyte Laser Trainer Cartridge, .40 sw, sell for @$95 on Optics Planet. $20.00 pm me Thx Dan-O
  15. WTS Buck field mate knife, price lowered.

    For sale, Buck Fieldmate knife, like new condition. Small blemish/stain on blade, will prob polish out. Doesn’t appear to be used. $50.00 maybe carried some.
  16. SOLD Buck Kalinga knife

    For sale, Buck Kalinga hunting knife. Really nice condition. Doesn’t look like it’s been used, maybe carried a little. $140.00. Franklin area, pm me if interested. thx
  17. Tavor x95/bent bullet.

    I was shooting my x95 and had a strange jam/feed issue. Never seen a bullet bend/crush like this before. Anyone ever experience anything like this? See pics. Appreciate any feedback. Only happened once, couldn’t see any visible problems, cleared jam, examined, and continued shooting a few...
  18. SOLD Cold Steel Trail Master Bowie 01 steel price reduced $100.00

    Wts Cold Steel Trail Master Bowie, 01 Steel, nice condition, few small scratches, will buff out. Marks on the handle is sawdust from work bench. Pm me if interested, $100.00
  19. Virginia to shut down all gun ranges not run by the state!

    A friend just sent me this. If dupe, please delete
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