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  1. 2022 NH Critical Gun Bills

    Yeah, because the "steamy pile" was actually the House's amendment. The Senate only added the last line.
  2. Democratic New York governor proposes more firearm laws

    Someone get that reporter some medical attention - she's having a stroke, going from regular speaking to word salad.
  3. NES Lost Another One: Ken Maurer Passed Away

    You did good, Ken. We'll all miss you.
  4. Book worm thread?

    You each might like some of Ben Macintyre's books, then.
  5. NH 2021 Bill thread: Critical Bills need to be voted on 5/25

    Conference Committee Meeting: 05/18/2022 09:00 am LOB 201-203 Reps. Abbas, Burt, Roy, Wallace Sens. Carson, French, Kahn If any of those are your peeps, contact them. Let's get "use" back in and pass that puppy.
  6. NH 2021 Bill thread: Critical Bills need to be voted on 5/25

    That whole 159-E:2 section except the last line was actually added in the House. (2022-0497h)
  7. NH 2021 Bill thread: Critical Bills need to be voted on 5/25

    FYI, HB307 got its non-concur last week. HB 307, relative to the state preemption of the regulation of firearms and ammunition. (House Non-concurs, and Req CofC 5/5/22) from:\2022\No%2019%20May%2013%202022.PDF
  8. Avoid ACK495

    "Ya can tahk as lahng as ya wahnt, but we stahp listening aftah the first foah numbahs."
  9. Avoid ACK495

    And then the system hash algo uses the old Unix hash and uses only the 1st 8 characters and your PW is really "correcth" but you can keep typing the whole thing and it works.
  10. Is this full skinflint?

    So, I didn't look that all up, I knew what these were "supposed to be" 'cause someone gave me one (the upper) many years back. I think some people were into these not only for the look but because they would typically wind up on a MA-legal, rifle. That said, the one someone gave me has a bayo...
  11. Is this full skinflint?

    Nevah been done befoah
  12. Is this full skinflint?

    MACSOG XM177 clone ?
  13. Deals and steals

    Midway has a 1000 lumen flashlight with USB-rechargable 18650 battery for under $40.
  14. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Nixon mask, check... gorilla mask, check... hockey mask, check...
  15. Cape Cod College Police Dispatcher facing 10 years for buying a Glock

    At $425, he also got the LE discount model, so there could have been a fraud angle in there, too, if he really was not a qualifying officer.
  16. CNN - Communist News Network is a Dumpster Fire

    Re: CNN+ I suspect a lot of the fail is the same reason paid-access liberal talk radio failed: So-called socialists communists are basically people who want stuff for free, even things they purport to support.
  17. Almost had a real bad day

    Well, right, but OP: ".300blk round made its way into my .223 ammo can and I wasn’t paying attention when loading my mag." ETA: While we're on the subject, SAAMI used to publish (404 now) a document on common unsafe mis-chamberings. It's gone (was up a year ago) but looks like someone put much...
  18. Almost had a real bad day

    You're going to summon me one day without that conjuring circle, and then it's on. Anyhow, the bands don't go on each round. @Malodave gave those 300blk tag bands out, very cool, but misloading a round not going to be stopped by that. Eyes on the prize. We regularly see some 9 brass on our...
  19. Called out for not wearing a mask

    AH! Scotty memes!
  20. Somerville police officer wounded after ‘unintentional discharge’ of gun

    Oh, I figured Rob was making a big wink at that thread. He was meta before Facebook was Meta.
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