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  1. WTS Springfield M1A loaded. $1900

    I forgot I had this posted. Please Bump...
  2. WTS Springfield M1A loaded. $1900

    Still available...
  3. WTB Please delete

    Please delete
  4. WTS Springfield M1A loaded. $1900

    WTS my Springfield M1A loaded safe queen. Never been fired. Comes with all that it should new along with some extras from Springfield. $1900 and I am not interested in trades. I do have some pre ban mags available for purchase as well. EFA-10 Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with...
  5. WTB Please delete

  6. WTB Found please delete

    Found please delete
  7. Is a Browning safe worth the money

    I have the Browning "Hells Canyon". Can't say enough about it. Large scoped rifles don't fit as good as you would hope but I still have nothing to complain about. IMHO they are worth the extra money.
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