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  1. Son's first CCW..Recomedations Please..

    My son want's a Glock..I am to old school for that...Any recommendations ? Thank you..
  2. Man shot and killed by Police on Salisbury Beach

    He was shot after coming after them with a machete.. More as I find out..[frown] See Newburyport Daily News..
  3. F.I.D. Run around..

    O.K... So I applied October 10th,2013 . I was told right out of the gate that my L.T.C. would be denied due to prior 209a history,But that I should go for an F.I.D as well as she knew that she could not denie me that. She asked for a medical affidavit as well ,which I provided.I met with the...
  4. How long does CLEO have to issue an FID?

    I know it sounds stupid..But I can find nothing that clearly states a time frame for issuing an F.I.D. Thank You..David
  5. I just wish to thank you all !

    I would just like to take a moment to thank all who have been supportive of myself and all who have been throught the Mass. Bull-dicial Thank You so Much !
  6. Return of Firearmarms...Charges dismissed

    About 2 yrs ago,I was charged with mutiple storage violations.Friday,all charges were dimissed.My ex has a abuse only and firearm surrender order on me,which she is useing to keep me from seeing my daughter"which has failed".Now the the case is dismissed.How does one go about getting...
  7. Oath of office...

    Why is it that when we ellect an official to office and they swear to uphold and defend the constituion and is the bill of rights not part of the same??Why are they not held to task ?...I know,just a few stupid questions,but none the less..[hmmm]
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