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  1. Texas Welfare Office Shooting

    Unreal [sad2]
  2. Air National Guard

    Anyone here in the ANG? I'm thinking about enlisting and have a couple questions.
  3. WTF Tapatalk!

    Just me or is everybody getting the "This forum uses tapatalk" message every time you open a page from your phone? Used to happen every once and a while but now its constant.
  4. Sig 516

    Has anyone had a chance to fire/fondle one of these rifles? Looks like just another piston AR but I haven't heard to much about them. Thanks
  5. Full Auto Sear For $23?

    Please excuse my lack of knowledge on F/A guns for I live in a NFA free state [thinking] I was flipping through Gunbroker and came across full auto AK sears for $23. This can't be correct can it?
  6. Good Deal On 223 For Free Staters

    Just got this email and figured I'd share.$260 for 990 rounds of reloadable brass.
  7. EAA Witness 10mm

    Does anyone have some experience with this pistol? I'm looking to get into the 10mm game and found this. I see the only other 10mm in this price range is the Glock which I'm not a huge fan of.
  8. Bending Your Own AK Receiver?

    So I've been doing some research on either bending or getting a 80% AK receiver. I'm not sure which route to go though. I have access to all the tools needed for each. Anybody here ever do this also after building would I be able to sell it even though its doesn't have a ser#...
  9. To Plum Or Not To Plum...

    So I'm going to be converting my Saiga 5.45 soon and can't make up my mind on a stock set. So I'm asking for your ideas and comments. Plum Wood Triangle
  10. 10/22 Arrow?!?!

    This looks like way to much fun [smile]
  11. Well Thats Different...

    Chiappa Rhino Wonder how accurate this would really be.
  12. Show Me Your SBR/AR,AK Pistol

    Well since I CAN'T own one in my state [angry] Figured I'd atleast drool over yours. One I wouldn't mind owning.
  13. 50 Caliber Grenade

    Seen this a couple weeks ago and forgot to share it. 50 Cal conversion for your Glock.
  14. Billet?

    Is getting a billet upper/lower worth the extra coin? I mean besides the cool " yeah its a billet" term you can say to your buddies.
  15. Trap guns

    What are you guys using. I just have a standard Benelli Supernova. Not bad gets the job done.
  16. Sig Sweepstakes

    Although I prob shouldn't post this and lessen my chances. Sig is giving away a 45 at the end of the month.
  17. Does anyone pocket carry a...

    Does anyone pocket carry a Ruger SP101? I have a chance to pick one up and don't know much about them. The one I'm looking at is the 2 1/4" .357. Any info on it would be great. Thanks.
  18. Changing name of link?

    How do I go about changing a name of a link? From say www.whatever to "click here". Thanks.
  19. Anybody have any experience with...

    Does anyone have any experience with this rifle? editted out I'm thinking about picking one up but I'm not sure if its worth it. Any info would be great. Thanks.
  20. Cheap Uppers

    Found this site and thought I'd share it. Complete upper less BCG for $265. Not a bad deal. Thinking of picking one up.
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