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  1. tribal law at ct indian run casinos ? how is it enforced [ please no scalped jokes; had enough]

    I'm not sure this is true. I've never researched the subject (and do not intend to) but have had one experience. My wife and I once had lunch in a restaurant at the Foxwoods Casino. Since I'm such a nice guy, she bought me lunch. And then forgot her credit card when we left the restaurant...
  2. You Won Your Gun Case. You’re Fired.

    There was a time when big law firms were bastions of solid, conservative rational thought. Sadly, a few of us are old enough to remember.
  3. Need to be Fingerprinted by Law Enforcement Agencr

    The electronic print machines are capable of printing on a user-supplied card.
  4. Need to be Fingerprinted by Law Enforcement Agencr

    A3 in Concord is most certainly still there. I don't know if they will roll prints on a walk-in basis.
  5. Firearm prohibition lobby criticizes ATF acting director over home-built firearms

    Here is a little known (or little recognized) fact: The federal Administrative Procedures Act recognizes two types of federal agencies. One type has been authorized to issue "legislative regulations," which are regs that create rules of conduct. The other type has been authorized to issue...
  6. Is S&W retarded?

    Grandmother's are exempt from PC.
  7. "Just Passing Thru RI" while armed

    R.I Gen. Stat. 11-47-8.
  8. Pistol Case for Airline Travel

    I use boxes like these (don't actually recall where I bought them), one for each pistol I take. View: I make at least two...
  9. Center Console Safe?

    I do not believe a center console safe would satisfy FOPA, though that was not the precise question asked.
  10. Taking my wife shooting

    Taking one's unlicensed spouse shooting is legal, but there are risks. First, your ammo costs go up. Then she will want "her own" gun, which means either buying another one or, worse, designating one of your "I'll never part with this one" guns as hers. But the real risk, the probability of...
  11. Vermont magazine ban

    Not necessarily true. Look up the difference between "burden of persuasion" and "burden of going forward."
  12. Suggestions for best "Luggage" (rolling) case that can be a good Range Case/Range Bag (etc)

    Most luggage "bags" use wheels that are too small in diameter for use at a range, where your rolling path will be at best uneven pavement and more often gravel or dirt. In all events, never try to fly with a bag that has served as a range bag. It will have enough contaminents embedded into it...
  13. School me on the 225a1

    I have a LockLeather for my 3913 which I love. Comfortable, secure, fast on draw. LockLeather OWB Holster
  14. Niantic, CT - oops.

    I join this vote.
  15. Mass guys with LTC's... do you carry .45 or 9mm?

    Varies. I have both, drill with both, and carry both depending on how I feel any given day. Have prebans for 9s, so that is not a factor. I could be wrong (it happens) or just strange (?), but I don't sense any big difference in recoil, sight picture recovery or general shootability between...
  16. Should you know if your neighbor owns a gun?

    Apparently, you are correct: the list itself states that it includes only people who elected to appear on it. For the life of me, I have no recollection of so electing, but there's probably a lot of things more than 20 years ago that I no longer remember.
  17. Should you know if your neighbor owns a gun?

    If you hold an appointment as a BFS Instructor, the fact that you also have an LTC (which is a requirement for such appointment) is already publicly revealed: MSP publishes a list of BFS Instructors, their home towns, and phone numbers. As for me, all of my neighbors fit into one (or more) of...
  18. Reloading Progress !

    Sounds like you are on a good path. Two suggestions: 1) Get a chronograph. 2) Load the .44 Magnum to .44 Special levels.
  19. Pennsylvania non resident ltc

    I had a Pa Non-Resident for years, from back when the Sheriff of Centre County was very pro guns. (And, so far as I can tell, so is his successor.) When I did my last renewal four years ago, we were in the Sheriff's Office for all of 20 minutes, including the time for physically producing the...
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