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  1. Cougar caught on video in NH resident's backyard

    A Manchester NH resident captures a mountain lion on video.
  2. Firearm Appraiser needed.

    Looking for an appraiser that knows old German doubles. My brother has one in NH and finding any info is like pulling teeth. Thanks!
  3. For the guy who thinks he has everything...

    Speedloaders for the .500 Magnum!
  4. Glock 21 Mag extensions

    13 rounds of .45 acp not enough? Try these!
  5. Rules for Kickin' Ass

    Got this in an email today-BD45 Rules for the Non-Military (Civilians): 1. The next time you see any adults talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem - kick their ass. 2. When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest -...
  6. Local Source for Kydex?

    Does anyone have a local source? The places around here either don't sell retail or have an outrageous minimum purchase requirement. Thanks!
  7. KUDOS!!! To John at Liotec!

    I emailed John, yesterday about a problem I was having with the switch on my Behemoth. I got a new tail cap switch in the mail today![smile][smile][smile] At least someone out there knows what customer service is! Thanks John!
  8. The Five Boxes of Liberty

    The Five Boxes of Liberty Among an individual's innumerable rights, a critical few defend the others. The US Constitution mentions at least five defensive rights, "The Five Boxes of Liberty."by Simplulo (libertarian) Saturday, October 4, 2008 Among an individual’s innumerable rights, a...
  9. How is this for a deal...

    My Dad just called from WV. His boss is liquidating his gun collection due to a pending divorce. He offered my Dad a Marlin 56 Levermatic .22 for $100. Plus an original Tasco (US Made) Pronghorn scope! I checked Gunbroker and the magazine alone is selling for up to $65! I guess this...
  10. Does Anyone Remember...

    A big game hunting movie that came out in the late 60s early 70s? I don't remember much, but at the end of the flick, the guy was gunning for a world record polar bear. I remember he shot it from a helicopter. I saw this movie with my Dad and my Uncle. They actually brought the stuffed...
  11. In light of todays hearings (maybe NSFW)

    Coming soon to a restroom near you! MODs, if this is too much, please delete.
  12. Democracy or Republic?

    I do not know if this is a dupe, but in honor of July Fourth, I thought I would post a little history lesson. The American Form of Government So, the next time someone point out that we live in a Democracy, send them to that video so they understand what our founding Fathers gave us, and what...
  13. New Showtime Reality Series "Lock 'n Load"

    No date yet, but they claim not to take sides. Read and see more here: Lock 'n Load
  14. Spirit of Boston Cruise?

    Anyone ever take this harbor cruise? My wife and I are going tonight and I cannot find any info on their security arrangements. Metal Detectors, pat downs etc.
  15. Oath Keepers Rally-Lexington Green

    From the Oath Keepers Blog. "Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon. But, if they want to have a war, let it begin here." -Capt. John Parker, Lexington Company of the Middlesex County Brigade, Massachusetts Militia, April 19, 1775. Special Announcement! Oath Keepers will...
  16. Newly made Lee-Enfields!

    In different calibers! The rifles are newly made and available in 7.62x51 and 7.62x39. The .308 version can supposedly take FN mags with slight modification. THey have been spotted in the states at one Gander Mountain location. Cost? Around $700 US. An acquaintance down in OZ has...
  17. Prepare for the Zombie Plague...

    with these!
  18. Another POS brings a knife to a gunfight!

    BTW, the PO is a buddy of mine for about 20 years. We worked behind the walls together before he went to the city PD. A good kid and graduate of Boston College. Word has it, one shot stop with fatal results. More news as I get it.
  19. A new toy maybe...

    How about a .50 Caliber Glock to complement my brace of 500 S&Ws?
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