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  1. HB125 "Firearms Freedom Act" passed in NH House

    I was proud to be one of the 240 state representatives who voted "yea" on the motion of "ought to pass" on HB125 (motion passed 240-120).
  2. Sig 522 Commando

    Don't know if anyone's posted about this one yet, but here's a look at the new Sig 522 Commando. A bunch of us toured the Sig Academy in Epping on Saturday and were given a little show-and-tell, including a chance to check out this new .22 that Sig's bringing to SHOT Show. Sig's rifle guy...
  3. NH State House gun ban - UPDATE

    Via Rep. Jenn Coffey: I'll be up at the State House later this morning for a House Rules Q&A session. Will post updates as needed. - Bruce
  4. About that NH State House gun ban

    I had lunch yesterday with a bunch of newly-elected, liberty-friendly state reps and some not-so-newly elected ones, where we talked about the upcoming legislative calendar, committee assignments, and other House-related business. The topic of the State house gun ban, and what we'll need to...
  5. Palin and Nugent on Alaska talk radio...NOW!!!! The show just started. Nugent's on via phone and Sarah Palin is in studio, as we speak.

    These people must be f***ing STOPPED. (cross-posted at NLB - sorry if this is a dupe) Reason #244,074... vote the Democrats in Concord back to minority status. Portsmouth Herald: N.H. Senate set to consider slew of new taxes, fees to balance budget Hey, here's an idea...
  7. Another Strip Club shooting in MA - you know what this means... BOHICA.
  8. Boston Globe: The nation of the armed Pretty much your usual "liberal newspaper columnist tries her hand at shooting and explores gun laws" article. They almost always begin like this... And, quite a few actually end like...
  9. Fox25 - Cops: Man used fake ID for ammo, guns

    What's missing from this story? Missing: Where, exactly, did he get the three guns he supposedly used a fake ID to purchase?
  10. "That's pretty scary."

    So, we're waiting for the doors to open to get into the visitors gallery at the state house today, when a State Rep tried to get a group of girls from the Mondanock Valley Field Hockey (I think that's what it was) team through the crowd to their reserved seats in the gallery. The crowd wasn't...
  11. Looking for a Ruger LCP in NH?

    I'm not sure how readily available these are nowadays, but I just came back from Stateline Guns in Plaistow. They've got two of 'em under the glass (with finger extension mags). $330, if I remember correctly.
  12. New Hampshire vs. Boston: Gun Homicide Rates for 2008

    (cross-posted at NLB) New Years Trivia Q: What do guitars, pool tables, and baseball bats have in common? A: They were involved in twice as many non-justifiable homicides in New Hampshire last year as firearms were. From this list of New Hampshire's 20 homicides of 2008, here are the...
  13. Obama's Gun-Grabbing Gov. Going Down

    Couldn't happen to a bigger scumbag. Illinois governor taken into custody Certainly cheered up my morning.
  14. 50% off hunting clothing at LL Bean Factory Store in Manchester

    Was just in there today. Take an additional 50% off lowest marked price. Example: Gore-Tex Overpants (orange or camo), normally $129, marked down to $99.95 = $49.95 with additional 50% off. Being the facory store, of course, they don't have all sizes. I saw small, large tall, and XXL when...
  15. NH Idiot Proposes Background Check for Knife Purchases

    (Cross-posted at NLB) Hold On To Your Hats and Buckle Your Seat Belts You are about to read the most idiotic thing you'll read all week year. OK, maybe it will end up being a tie between this story and yesterday's "tree butcher" nonsense. We'll have to wait for the judges' final...
  16. I Missed a Great Open Carry Opportunity Yesterday

    'Good Morning America' films in Exeter Wouldn't have been the first time I've been carrying at the Me & Ollie's coffee shop, that's for sure.
  17. When Seconds Count...

    ...the police are already there??? No additional commentary required.
  18. Woman Assaulted Leaving NH "Gun-Free Zone"

    (cross-posted at NLB) As of sometime last year (last time I saw a movie there, anyway) the Regal Cinema in Newington was a posted "gun-free zone". Perhaps they (and their customers) would be better served by posting some No Sexual Predators Allowed signs instead. Three words: Concealed...
  19. Bobby Brown: Ready to shoot those rednecks

    What a wanker:
  20. Northeast Bloggershoot 2008: After-Action pics and vids

    Needless to say, the event was a rollicking success.
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