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  1. Twitter: Woman Removes full auto M4 from Texas National guard vehicle

    Me, I don’t need no stinking details. Leaving your weapon behind is unacceptable and should be severely punished, no matter if soldier or soldierette.
  2. Deals and steals 10 Pmags and a BCG (rumor has it they’re toolcraft. GTG) for the price of the mags alone.
  3. House Bill for 1,000% Tax on Assault Weapons to Be Filibuster-Proof: Beyer

    You shouldn’t wait for an excuse to buy. That excuse to buy is the mere existence of the Democratic Party, and it has been lingering in DC for a long time. Now, don’t waste your time on the internet and go buy something.
  4. House Bill for 1,000% Tax on Assault Weapons to Be Filibuster-Proof: Beyer

    Do you really believe this wouldn’t affect prices for pre owned? How could it not?
  5. Woodchuck with a .177 pellet rifle???

    22 LR, an adapter, and a long oil filter. He’ll never know what hit him. Neither will anyone else.
  6. Donna’s Smart Gun

    Time delay on a safe… Now, all you have to do is get a home intruder to schedule an appointment, set a reminder on your phone to remind yourself to unlock the safe in time, and off you go.
  7. Federal Operation Seizes Over 42,800 Illegal Firearm Silencers Smuggled From China

    Would be even better if you could have a gun where to screw that silencer onto. Eff NZ.
  8. What is your "Long Range" Rifle Platform?

    I am poor, so I can’t really afford the bolt guns I’d like (PGM ultima Ratio, tactical Operations 51 Bravo, Blaser R93 tactical) so I’m limited to my 20” AR10 in 6.5. I’m ok with that.
  9. I want a Nightforce Scope, but do I NEED a Nightforce Scope at that cost??????

    Rock, it doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest. The NXS line is fine, so is the SHV line. When you buy NF, a lot of the money goes into ruggedness. I am looking into the NX8 line right now. Seems solid middle ground. Trust me, with NF scopes, you pay SOME for the name. But it’s mostly...
  10. Our Son Passed Away On Friday

    I am sincerely sorry for your loss. May he Rest In Peace, and Godspeed to all of his family.
  11. Watch: French Police Shoot Man Wielding Knife

    Policy back in my day was empty chamber. Could be different now.
  12. AR15 Calibers that Use 5.56 Bolt

    6 mm ARC, 224 Valkyrie
  13. Spohr Revolvers

    That’s desert ironwood. Mucho dineiro, and a bitch to work with.

    LOL, as I said, the worst fanboys in the gun need to get all defensive, buddy. you do you, Booboo. Why don’t you carry a Derringer? If you can’t get things under control with two rounds, maybe you need to hit the range more often.

    I can appreciate the looks and history behind the gun, no doubt. I don’t hate any gun that goes boom, but if I wanted a jam-o-matic, I’ll save some money and buy a Keltec. Don’t get me wrong, the 1911 had its time. So did the flintlock, and I don’t buy one of those either. Although I can totally...
  16. Now Beto O’Rourke Says He Will Buy Back Texans’ AR-15s

    Any democrat who plans on running for office should tread vewy, vewy qwietly. After their performance at the fed level in the last year and a half or so, chances are no independent will vote blue again in a long time. There’s not even a need to piss them off any further with anti gun garbage, in...
  17. Best bolt gun for western hunting?

    Bergara HMT 14 in 300 WM Nightforce SHV 3-10x42. Price for everything=<2000$ /thread.
  18. “No Civilian Needs AR-15s”

    OK. I’ll trade your second set for hookers and blow then.
  19. “No Civilian Needs AR-15s”

    I’ll just use yours, once the untrained chump shot you in the back with his poverty pony rifle.😁
  20. “No Civilian Needs AR-15s”

    Because a) a red dot is faster at target acquisition and, if used right, offers a way bigger fov b) “our boys” like to hit shit when they shoot.
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