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  1. City's attempt to cut Texas man's grass leads to a standoff, a fire and his death, police say

    The warrant was left at the door and contractors for the city's code enforcement began working on the lawn. About an hour later, the resident started shooting from inside the house, Chacon said. "And they immediately backed off. They got all of the staff that was working on the house to safety...
  2. Car into water scenario

    So watching mythbusters has got me thinking. Likely your going to need some oxygen. Do you have that in your thoughts for in the vehicle? Some give you an extra 50 seconds of air that I've read. BUT not sure on the effectiveness
  3. Tips and tricks for cosmoline

  4. 9mm recall

    I saw this posted on an IDPA page, so figured share here. If anyone can confirm on a duckduckgo sesrch let me know
  5. Question for those who run red dots on pistols

    My gen 5 glock 45 MOS. I got good windage, but elevation I'm bottoming out and still 3 in high. Thoughts on how to get the dot lower on the slide? Are there aftermarket slimmer plates available?
  6. WTS Firestone Destiny tires P235/60R17 set of 4

    400 obo. Green member discount of 50 off. Pick up in West bridgewater area
  7. Best 2 stage AR15 trigger

    I'm thinking a toss up between Giselle and larue. Thoughts? I want to upgrade mine. Goal is for 3 gun, and other tactical style shooting. Other goal is 300+ yards in the same hole
  8. Scanner alert: shooting Salem Oregon

    Just breaking
  9. Dallas area shooting last night My take away is if you're gonna do this kind of stuff, don't have a car with a GPS in it
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Moses Browning

    2 days late, but thank you sir
  11. Gen 2 glock 23

    Looking to sell my gen 2 glock 23. It looks just like any other so no photos available at this time, but upon request. Asking 500 Green member discount 450 Negotiations welcome All laws followed. South Shore MA. FFL if possible split the fee
  12. Goal alert for hunters

    Just got this email The Massachusetts Legislature’s Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture is holding a virtual hearing this Tuesday, January 4th , 2022 at 1:00 PM. The Committee will be hearing testimony on bills on a number of hunting related bills up for...
  13. 745pm est alert active shooting Oak Brook Mall

    Not sure what's up, but got an alert to active shooter at a mall
  14. Talk about a fine upstanding citizen....

    Canton Man Arrested after Bringing a Handgun to a High School On Thursday, December 16, 2021 Worcester police were called to Doherty High School to gather information about a parent who was believed to have brought a firearm into the school on December 15, 2021 at approximately 1:52 p.m. in...
  15. For those wanting to go tor four seasons

    Not to start a covid thread war, I just got this email. This week, several of our employees were exposed to the COVID virus. Since the safety and well-being of our customers and employees is our #1 priority , we will be closed this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. During these 3 days we will...
  16. Officer involved shooting, suspect had an AK I wonder if it was a race fan upset because the season was over
  17. School shooting today
  18. Ma GOAl alert

    Massachusetts: Gun Bills Scheduled for Public Hearing Tomorrow Tomorrow, November 16th, the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security will be holding a public hearing at 11:00 AM, to discuss numerous bills pertaining to firearm laws in the state. Please contact committee...
  19. Xbox series s 2 controlers 300

    I have an Xbox s for sale. Open to offers
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