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  1. California Compliant

    I'm looking at buying a low priced revolver. There are a bunch of sellers for this specific brand/model but one seller that has several of the same revolvers (at a better price) are listing them as California Compliant. My question is are these revolvers different in any way for them to be...
  2. What type of AK is this? Click the image with the AK in it. What is that in the milled out square? What is it's purpose? I have never seen anything like that before. RC
  3. Rare Breed upgrade? It is just me or does that thing scream D.I.A.S.? RC
  4. A1 Upper question

    I'm building a beater AR. I have a nasty (all the way back) pre original assault weapon ban bushmaster lower that I want to match up with an A1 upper and 16" pencil barrel. Long Barrel commando, with correct handguards. What allen-screw front sights work (accurately) with the A1 upper? I only...
  5. Jump on this auction now. RC
  6. HK parts net let me down.

    I got myself a POF reverse stretch sp89 clone. I'm planning on changing a couple parts just for looks. One thing I don't like is the metal trigger housing. I have a plastic housing with all selections but although the trigger pack fits the selector doesn't. The trigger housing walls are...
  7. I'm looking for a Thompson Gunsmith

    A few years ago I had a link to a guy that did work on Thompsons. I have a West Hurley 1927 A1 semi auto that I want a 1928 trigger frame with removable stock fitted. I also have that part. This guy could do this work and also make the selector lever work as a bolt catch (3rd hand) for removing...
  8. GUYS, OMG! Guys!!

    View: RC
  9. Am I the only one that sees this?

    Antifa-BLM -- -- Antebellum. Something I noticed. "What Does It Mean"??? RC
  10. Anybody have coupons

    Coupon codes for Primany Arms. I want to buy a pistol and if I could get some % off or free shipping I'd be happy. RC
  11. Glock barrel question

    I'm going to try my hand at building a Polymer80 Glock frame. I have ordered the frame that can do either a G19 or 23. I'd rather do the 40 over the 9 since I already have mags for the 40. My "thing" when building is to take my time and search the sales and deals. I'm seeing many G19 slides...
  12. Great news Does this mean that I’m able to get back on base, using just my VA card? RC
  13. X3 magnifier recommendation.

    I’m looking for a x3 magnifier with a swing-away QD mount under $150 that height matches to an Eotech EXPS3. I “was” looking at an affordable Primary Arms then read reviews stating that the mount is not centered on the rail by about 1/8” inch. I can’t have that!!!!! I’m not OCD but that...
  14. As president ..... A gun in every pot

    Let’s have fun... 2 to 3 cycles from now the current president promises a gun to all Americans as part of The Safe America act. The rules are simple this would only be available to taxpayers only, non-felons, nobody on any welfare. * Everybody would still have to pass a background check. *...
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