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    Selling my new in package GG&G baretta 1301 flashlight and QD sling mount. This is the model that will have the QD mount on the "ejection port side" and the flashlight rail will be on the "non-ejection port side", does not come with the QD swivel. I decided to go a different route and not going...
  2. What paint for filling in etched safety symbols in metal lower reciever?

    I was wondering what paint anyone here has used to fill in the etched safety marks, numbers, etc, on rifle lower reciever? I want to use some red and white paint on my rifle safety symbols on my lowers. I was looking at the "testors brand" enamel paint....anyone try this? Would you want oil...
  3. Cleaning patch storage ideas

    What do you use to keep your cleaning patches stored and organized in? I got so many size patches for different size calibers its becoming a shit show of patches everywhere. I try to keep things organized to be able to find them and make the cleanings go quicker. Whats everyone using? Or are...
  4. Aridus industries CROM mount back in stock

    If any of you have neen waiting for the "Aridus industries CROM mount and Rob Haught upgrade rear sight to come back in stock I just got a back in stock email and ordered mine up for my baretta 1301 tactical. They sell out quick, good luck.
  5. Sold, please delete

    Sold, please delete.
  6. Streamlight TLR-8A G FLEX brand new in box.

    Sold on NES, please delete
  7. What is tha Best 2 to to 1 point convertible "padded" sling for a AR-15.

    What is tha Best 2 to to 1 point convertible padded sling for a AR-15 with a 16" barrell? I am torn between all the options. I have the vickers padded sling on my 1301 tactical shotgun , but its only 2 point.......they dont seem to have a one to two point "padded" conversion sling tho. Thank you.
  8. WTS: Stag Arms complete STAG15 5.56 TACTICAL UPPER RECIEVER LEFT HANDED with BCG and CH. MODEL# STAG15110121

    WTS NEW IN BOX " STAG 15 TACTICAL COMPLETE 16" UPPER WITH CHROME PHOSPHATE BARREL IN 5.56MM - LEFT-HANDED. WITH STAG BCC AND CHARGING HANDLE. This comes with a stag chrome phosphate Bolt Carrier Group and a stag15 Charging Handle. All stag complete uppers on there website say that a bolt carrier...
  9. Any baretta 1301 12 guage tactical owners here? Question.

    Anyone have the baretta 1301 tactical 12 gauge? I know the length of pull can be adjusted with the extensions they give you. But can the stock be adjusted for cant or other adjustments? I shoot lefty abd didn't know if there was any adjustment on that with the factory stock?.Or if I used one of...
  10. Baretta A400 Xcel "blackout edition" reviews?

    Im on the hunt for a baretta A400 Xcel "Black out Edition" 12 gauge for trap. I haven't shot clay in a while, but have been getting back into it lately at my club. Anyone here own one? If so how do you like it? Im also open to another suggestion for a nice gas piston semi auto 12 gauge for...
  11. Delete

  12. WTS Legion steel silhouette metal target. Brand new model 3/8" thick AR500 steel in color blue with Legion brackett to mount the plate on a 2×4.

    WTS. Brand new never used Legion silhouette 3/8" ar500 steel target with Legion brackett to mount ot on a 2×4. I bought this to use at a new range I joined, but they are not allowing you to bring your own steel targets. Paid $199 for the target and $50 for the brackett. I'll let them both go...
  13. WTS - 2 Glock pre ban 15 round factory mags square notch....the holy grail

    SOLD Here on NES! Please remove, thank you. WTS- 2 Square notch 15 round factory glock mags.Bought them recently from a FFL dealer for $275 each.....then found out pre bans dont work on glocks if the magazine release button was switched to the right side for a left handed shooter like myself...
  14. WTS. New in Box Trijicon MRO green dot with 1/3 co witness QD mount

    I have a new in box (only took it out to put the battery in it for pictures) trijicon MRO green dot with 1/3 lower co witness quick disconnect mount for sale....model #MRO-C-2200034. I bought this a few months ago to mount on a rifle and just found out I have a bad astigmatism, I need to...
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