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  1. Radio repair

    Suggestions for getting a Kenwood R1000 receiver repaired-'scratchy to little or no volume-don't mind shipping.
  2. Dinosaur Electronics-boards for RV appliances

    Our Atwood Water heater went south when we were down south for the past three weeks-Camping World wanted $298.00 for a oem board with what I believe is a 1 yr warranty, no way. Mrs. Snub said that there had to be other choices and wondered if the Company that made the board for our Onan genset...
  3. Must have rv upgrades

    Drainmaster electric valves Flawless so far, 4yrs? but ours were/are hypersensitive to tightening torque-indicating lights sometimes will not indicate 'open'-its finger tight plus 3/4's for ours, never leaked even a molecule of tank contents...
  4. this light/laser may be of interest to some

    I am not into weapons lights but I do have an interest in lighting, Fenix in particular got info on a new product and wanted to pass it along. Cannot imagine anyone being disappointed with Fenix or with Fenix Lighting an authorized seller and repair station-great people and service...
  5. Police Officers shot since 2019

    Via Fox News from the National Fraternal Order of Police 2019- 293 shot 50 died 2020- 312 shot 47 died 2021- 346 shot 63 died Since 2019, in the United States of America, a Police Officer was shot every 28 hours Since 2019, in the United States of America, a Police Officer was shot and...
  6. Maine conservation game management species reports
  7. Cape Cod Gun Works

    Clean, bright, well stocked, decent pricing, no minimums on 9 mm ammo (what I was interested in), enough parking for a weekday anyway and all seemed glad that I-and everyone else-walked in the door; what more could you ask for?
  8. civilian gun use
  9. First rifle for 13 year boy ?

    Is there an -ideal- training rifle; BB/Pellet or .22, what action/stocks/sights-scope, tripod, bench rest- sled-to sling or not to sling ? ; budget unlimited. How about the best family club in the Lakes Region NH ??
  10. Nicks Palmer

    I understand that Mario has retired and sold the business.
  11. The once unthinkable now assured?
  12. How many former Target Sports primers?

    Curious as to how many others than myself came to the realization that paying $100 for privilege of entering the daily TS lottery was nutty? The only way I would re up would be if the Company established some sort of a pre order for members when desired ammo becomes available-the date could be...
  13. book value v 'real' value

    In view of the insanity is there a multiplier that can be used to 'adjust' the value of a given firearm-or is the book value pretty much it?
  14. PCC people

    View: View: red dot or lpvo ??
  15. Probably, the perfect flashlight

    View: This will be the gift the Mrs. (her idea) and I are buying for a few close friends and some family members this Christmas. I only buy Fenix and only do business with't work for/ benefit in any way from...
  16. Famous 'Joe' quotes

    Biden/Stalin/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer/ Et Al.-does it really matter ? The fact that a major US news outlet is disputing the authenticity of the election counting quote as being accurately assigned to Biden, sorry -Stalin only...
  17. Spfld Armory EMP-9mm

    Anyone know where these are made?
  18. Jillian Gilchrest has a big ammo tax increase in mind for CT

    Connecticut State Rep. Jillian Gilchrest Wants A 50% Tax Increase On Ammunition Not a 50% increase on the sales tax but 50% of the cost of the ammo as the tax
  19. .22 wmr ammo failure

    CCI 40gr jhp-'Choot Em"- semi auto rifle, first 4 rds of the 9 mag fired, 5th blew out the rotary mag and the gun smoked quite a bit for about 10 seconds-waited another minute or so then inspected both the chamber/bore, clear. Found the case and the bottom from about the middle to 3/16ths or so...
  20. SAAMI spec 9mm +p ammo and semi auto handgun damage/accelerated wear

    The pressure limit for 9mm ammo is 35001 (?) psi for +p there is a slight increase to 38500. To my knowledge all makers of sliders caution against routine use of +p stating that either the gun will be damaged or accelerated wear will occur. Accepting that the makers of the semi auto most...
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