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  1. Who hunts with crossbow in MA?

    You’re right. But my buddy had shoulder surgery and won’t be able to use his bow. If he goes crossbow, he can never go back even after he’s healed. How MA knows, I don’t know. But he’s out for this season. Bummer for him.
  2. 11 year old with a crossbow.

    So, been taking my son bow hunting since he was big enough to walk the woods himself. Also used to take him shotgun hunting season too. A 6 year old in an orange vest that essentially covers his whole body is kind of cute. He’s 11 now. A small eleven. Still not big enough to use a youth...
  3. MA law and shooting gray squirrels with pellet gun

    If Derek PMs me and says “hey man, I need 35 bucks to keep the site up this month” then he’s got it. The only thing I miss is the members forum because there used to be some epic threads there. But I don’t need the classifieds and don’t need the forum. So little value to people outside of New...
  4. MA law and shooting gray squirrels with pellet gun

    Was green. Being green an living out of MA makes no sense.
  5. MA law and shooting gray squirrels with pellet gun

    Beat me to the 3 sss. You’re a member for 9 years and have 31 posts? Wtf?
  6. MA law and shooting gray squirrels with pellet gun

    The 3 S’s. Shoot Shovel Shut up.
  7. Another scam to watch for.....pretty bold and seems to be working too

    Actually, I do call them back, or rather, now that I've trained my 11 year old son, he calls them back. I really need to record those calls. I'd have millions of hits on youtube.
  8. Another scam to watch for.....pretty bold and seems to be working too

    This is what I came to say. 10k? for my wife? Maybe 500 bucks. maybe what i have in my wallet. keep her long enough and you'll pay me to return her! [rofl][rofl][rofl]Dont show her this post.
  9. How To Build A Secure Room The Best Way?

    Call this guy. He was pretty good at it. Was pretty good at keeping her secure for years.
  10. Biden - "AWB is just the beginning"

    Holy shit! I clicked on this thread not knowing it was a necro and saw Attila was back! Nearly choked on my gin and tonic. Then I saw the date and I’m depressed again. ETA: also, I know 2020 sucks in so many ways. But this has to be a record year for necro posts. It’s like 2 per day. Get a...
  11. Just gonna put this out there..1858

    Still didn’t answer the question. Is OP a Biden voter or a Trump voter?
  12. In need of a safe, current Winchester died

    please OP! Taking an angle grinder to it would be akin to trading in your car at the dealership because it has a flat tire!
  13. LTC status after moving out of state

    You said there isn’t a law that addresses it. There is a lack of law. Therefore, if you’re arrested and brought before a judge I don’t see how my hypothetical wouldn’t be accurate. not to be too pedantic, but the law does statethat if a person from another state wants to carry gun in MA, they...
  14. LTC status after moving out of state

    I know what your saying. But if you got jammed up with a gun in MA as a NH resident and I was the judge... I’d ask: are you a NH resident. - yes Do you have a non resident permit for that gun - no but I have a resident license. that license is for residents. You admit you’re not a resident...
  15. LTC status after moving out of state

    No such thing as it being illegal to carry in MA with A resident LTC when you’re not a resident of MA? I don’t know but I suspect that’d be a big no.
  16. LTC status after moving out of state

    I’m sure he will be shortly and I think I know what he’ll say. I’ll say this. You cannot carry 2 drivers licenses of different states. That’s illegal and a felony at that. I don’t know what happens if you ever need to show your LTC and then are asked for ID. Never happened to me.
  17. I'm confused, what are we companies and products are we Boycotting again??

    In the Business, they're called Oneyear.
  18. 75 years ago today, Truman saved my uncle's life

    Same here. My grandfather was in the army when the war started, stationed at Ft Bragg. For some inexplicable reason, he and a few others were held back when the rest of his unit was sent to Africa. So he was made a drill instructor and then later in the war became a MP guarding German...
  19. James O'Keefe (Project Veritas) Denied by NICS -- Placed on Felon List!!!!

    Agreed. But what it does is confirm my belief that our laws and courts are fubar.
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