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  1. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Yes the safety training is still a requirement.
  2. Massive Trove of Gun Owners’ Private Information Leaked by California Attorney General

    I have my doubts the information was accidentally leaked. It’s California, and the AG’s office.
  3. Twitter: Woman Removes full auto M4 from Texas National guard vehicle

    My Assistant Fire Chiefs truck (shift commander) at Westover AIr Reserve Base Fire Department and as well a few other trucks on base are RAM’s.
  4. Twitter: Woman Removes full auto M4 from Texas National guard vehicle

    The Black Ram could be a lease vehicle from their transportation unit. DoD leases a lot of General Purpose vehicles.
  5. Heavy trigger on Glock 34 9mm

    Are you going to be using it for competition or a defensive gun? 5lbs is not a bad trigger pull. The G34 comes stock with a factory minus connector. I would check to see if they put a standard connector in it.

    Richard Duby, president of the Falmouth Gun Safety Coalition, Duby also said that his coalition may work to get an article at the town meeting that would approve funding to buy the guns from Powderhorn Outfitters and then destroy them. I would love to know how Mr. Duby thinks a civilian...
  7. What *could* pass?

    One of the church shootings in TX may have been prevented if the Air Force JAG’s at the base the shooter was stationed at would have entered his information after the Court Martial.
  8. Fabric Store protests gun shop

    157 Ave. A, Turners Falls. Awesome shop with a great crew.
  9. Uvalde shooting triggers closer look at gun laws; Massachusetts lawmakers ‘extremely proud’ but say they will review additional reforms

    There is already a bunch of bill that have been summited over the last year. I have a feeling someone is going to summit a bill to do away with the FID card for those under 21.
  10. New LGS in Bellingham?

    Why would you take it off for a trip to the range and then put it back on at home. Why not shoot with it mounted?
  11. Daughter wants a Gun
  12. Advice? - CT SLFU has returned by CT Application twice

    I would just summit the NRA Basic Pistol Course Certificate with you package. The other training may just seem like fluff to the trooper reviewing your paperwork. If he or she is not gun friendly they maybe giving you a hard time for the extra training certificates you included in your package.
  13. Fighter Jets

    Barnes. The C-5’s are at Westover.
  14. Fighter Jets

    The 15’s are in Westfield at Barnes Air Guard Base now. They haven’t been stationed on the cape for years.
  15. IFAK at the range

    My range bag has a IFAK, both my vests for teaching have IFAKs, I have a spare IFAK and a GP First Aid Kit 8m my car. My wife has and my daughter has a kits in their cars as well. Firefighter/ EMT.
  16. Non Semi-Auto AR

    I think it maybe a spring assisted bolt hold open. It’s the only thing I can think of to cause make it hold open with each shot.
  17. Non Semi-Auto AR Well what do you all think?
  18. S&W CSX Question

    I can’t think of any single action that has a 10 lbs. trigger pull in MA. The 10 lbs is one of a list of things it can have to prevent a 5 year old child from pulling the trigger. Smith & Wesson seems to be the only manufacturer that puts a 10 lbs trigger on a handgun (mostly striker fired guns).
  19. Dick Marcinko has passed away.

    His books occupied many hours of my time during deployments.
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