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  1. Review: Arken SHV 6-24x50

    I am by no means a writer. English is not my first language. Hell, it’s not even my secon language, so please forgive the grammar and syntax errors you will find. I recently purchased a Ruger Precision Rimfire to practice fundamentals, and had to find a scope that wouldn’t break the Bank. as...
  2. Question for the mods/admin

    Every gun forum I know (or almost every one) has a sub forum for optics and mounts. With all the scope and red dot talk, wouldn’t something like that make sense here?
  3. How to defend against a CCW when unarmed

    The world‘s leading self defense expert, Master Ken ( the only 11th degree black belt n Amerido-te) shares how the 21 foot rule can bite you in the ass real quick. This man is an absolute animal. View:
  4. Flag dayt

    Can’t believe this has to come from a foreigner! Happy Flag day, and happy birthday, US army. (You’re still wearing those berets all wrong)
  5. I guess an age old NES debate is settled

    Last night, I saw fed agencies and cops moving on PEACEFUL protesters. Smack in the middle of the mix were NG and active duty soldiers. Posse commitatus be damned. So here you have it. The military WILL follow orders, period. All your little boogaloo dreams are out the window. Just because you...
  6. Show your AR builds.

    Post pics of your builds. Rule: it has to be an actual build, not a factory rifle that you've acessorized. Post a parts list if you can, to help fellow NESers spend money. I'll start: BCM: bolt carrier group, grip and MOD1 stock assembly Geissele: MK8 13" rail, Super Dynamic Combat trigger, gas...
  7. IFAK. What am I missing?

    Okay, so here goes: 4" israeli 2 Hyfin vented chest seals 1 set decompression needles. 1 Pack of Quickclot 2"x12" gauze strips 1 Nasopharyngeal 1 EMT shears 2 chem lights (1 red, 1 green) 1 CAT gen7 2 pair nitrile gloves I have some training with all of the above, and was about to get more...
  8. Questions for the bolt action guys

    Range day today. No pictures, sorry. Rifle: Savage 10 FCP-SR, accustock, accutrigger, no modifications except for replacing one of the front swivels with a pic rail. Action was never removed from the stock. Rifle was last shot in 08/2018. Range: 100 yards, no wind, 45 degrees, sunny. Shooting of...
  9. France goes Glock After ditching the FAMAS for the HK416, they let now go of the PAMAS (French licensed M9) for the G17.
  10. For you airborne guys

    How many jumps? Me? 178, static line only, all between 400 and 700 meters. Some water landings, only a dozen or so helicopter jumps, the rest was transal. 2 malfunctions with reserve chute pull. Zip, zilch, zero combat jumps. What about you guys?
  11. SHTF rifles and calibers for dummies

    Pros and cons of possible SHTF rifle choices For your enjoyment.
  12. Question for reloaders and ammo specialists.

    So. 2019 is here. And I want to start my research for this year's project, which will be a gas gun in 6.5CM. I don't reload, and have neither the time, the space nor the patience to reload, so I will be using factory loads exclusively. My question is, how do I figure out the best barrel length...
  13. The aggravation of building a FDE rifle

    Man, NOTHING effing matches. Even when ordered from the same manufacturer, colors are not the same. 3 Geissele parts (charging handle, rail, scope mount), 3 different colors. The LPK from WMD and the BCM Stock and grip don't match either. Add the FDE Pmags, and I'm up to 6 different shades of...
  14. Rifle recoil

    i am doing some research to find a good (the best?) muzzle brake, and I came across this: Rifle Recoil Table I found it interesting. A 600 NE recoils more than twice as hard as a a 50 BMG with no brake. There's got to be some broken bones involved. I mean come on, the recoil impulse of a 308 is...
  15. Nexus ammunition

    Does anyone know of a store in NH that stocks Nexus precision in .308?
  16. Army discharges commy

    Remember the shitsmear who graduated fron Westpoint and displayed the "communism will win" message in his cover? The one who called sec. Mattis the most evil whatever in this administration? Well...
  17. Active shooter in TX

    Santa Fe district, going on right now. Aaaaand here we go (again)!
  18. Tavor shotgun

    fugly, but oh well... New From IWI US: TAVOR TS12 Bullpup Shotgun - The Truth About Guns
  19. Block gen 5

    It's coming. Tougher finish, longer recoil spring Assy, no finger groves and more. Ppl on Glerk talk already ordered some. $476 on their receipt. I can already promise you, it'll look like a Glock.
  20. Gun owners soon to be a protected class?h

    Apparently, there's some effort going on to make it happen in PA...
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