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  1. WTS Preban USGI 30 round mags - all SOLD

    My brother picked these up in free states and gave them to me. Have more than I need. Green members only. Buyer pays actual shipping but should be pretty cheap. Will calculate if you tell me what you want. 2x dated (10-91) Kay Industries $35/ea - SOLD 4x unmarked Labelle, Kay Industries...
  2. Goat guns diecast 1/3 scale model guns

    Been seeing this pop up on Facebook. Love a well made die cast model. The Facebook comments are fun too. “I don’t need a model, I’ve got a real gun!” [laugh] View:
  3. P320 AXG Classic

    Didn't see this mentioned anywhere, seems like a P320 with metal grip module and metal frame. It's purdy, not sure I really want to carry it and I tend to not like wood grips, but I'd enjoy looking at it...
  4. WTS WTS Ammo: 5.56, 0.380, 9mm, 0.45, 22LR - only HST 9mm left

    Location: Peabody, MA Selling Terms : Cash FTF with MA LTC, Green members only. This was all bought within the last 5 years or so. Have to move next year to place where I can't take it with me, so lightening the load. Edit: All sold except the 9mm HST .223/5.56 XM193 500 rounds (25 x 20 rd...
  5. CZ Bren 2 Carbine released

    yes! Maybe announced is the right word. CZ's Facebook page has a video of the carbine. Don't want to link FB here.
  6. Case challenging NFA applies for SC cert

    GOA Files for Supreme Court Cert in Case Challenging the National Firearms Act - The Truth About Guns Wow, this could be huge. Maybe this one will stress RBG’s ticker.
  7. Shelter in place, kid brought a butter knife to school

    We get a letter from the school today informing us that Peabody police were called to school because a kid brought a butter knife to school "with a partially serated blade" - that's in case the butter is old I think. The letter said fortunately there were no injuries. I assume they mean to butter?
  8. BREAKING: Supreme Court Grants Cert in Case That Could End Deference to Regulatory Agencies, Challen

    Wow. BREAKING: Supreme Court Grants Cert in Case That Could End Deference to Regulatory Agencies, Challenge ATF Regulatory Power - The Truth About Guns
  9. NJ ignores deportation order and releases Mexican illegal who shoots 5 people killing 3

    Not sure why this is not making the news as a mass shooting. Ok I know why. Illegal immigrant killed 3 after 'sanctuary' release from custody, ICE says | Fox News
  10. Best article on mass shootings

    this is the best article I’ve read on the subject. California & Mass Shootings -- We Don't Know How to Stop This Epidemic of Violence | National Review IMO, We are now seeing one of the byproducts of decades of political correctness and the destruction of family values. We’ve taught...
  11. Storage of gun with slide removed?

    If I store a handgun in a car with slide removed, that wouldn’t need to meet Mass storage laws since it’s not a firearm, is that right? But if you have any ammo in the case with it that requires safe storage?
  12. Transferring frame or lower face to face

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but if you sell a frame or lower that has not been assembled into a firearm yet, not registered, do you have to do an efa10 when you buy or sell it face to face? Seems like no since it’s not a firearm in Mass, but nothing makes sense here.
  13. Lott: 7.14% of Americans Have Carry Licenses, Up 273% Since 2007

    Great news in here, especially that the number one reason people get permits is due to mass shootings. Lott: 7.14% of Americans Have Carry Licenses, Up 273% Since 2007 - The Truth About Guns
  14. Cambridge professor outed as FBI informant inside Trump campaign

    This seems to be hitting the news this morning.
  15. Article: 2nd Amendment under attack as government corruption comes to light

    Great article. They Fight the Law and the Law Wins An excerpt:
  16. Will the coming Great Recession/Depression damper the antis?

    I feel like the big recession, which is probably now likely to be a depression, might throw a lot of cold water on the anti-2A campaign. Why? The left is going to be worried more about entitlement cuts, job loss, and the collapse of the EBT system, as government debt explodes and blue states...
  17. Changing the narrative in Maryland school shooting

    Saw on CNN this morning the Maryland police changed the story about the school shooter, now he died from his own gun, and the resource officer’s bullet hit the kids gun, not the kid. Here’s how it went down I think. FBI: "You need to issue a statement, saying the kid offed himself." Chief...
  18. Iowa sheriffs object to new 'shall issue' law Really good, balanced article. There's some good reasoning to support 'may issue', such as: But this sheriff needs to understand that just like criminals ruin things for the law abiding, cops who abuse the law...
  19. Army opens competition for 7.62 rifle to replace M4

    Damn, sounds like this is a handout to rifle manufacturers. The claim it's to defeat ceramic armor is ridiculous. A larger slower moving round isn't going to help that. Maybe it's more effective at fighting unarmored jihadis, but seems like the extra weight and lower round count is the wrong way...
  20. CZ optional safety, why don't they all do this?

    The CZ P01 and maybe others come from the factory with decocker only, but include a manual safety you can install yourself. Seems really smart, if more companies did this they could sell MA versions with safeties you could remove as soon as you get home. [smile]
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