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  1. Sharing steel at a busy range.... Rant!

    I find the best way to get rid of a douche on the plate rack is to wait for them to empty all of their mags. While they are reloading, I ask if I can just shoot a quick mag. Nobody ever minds if you shoot one mag. I put them to shame and then walk away. They usually leave soon after feeling an...
  2. Shooting/Training and Gun Videos, post them here.

    Nice shooting Stu.
  3. Shooting/Training and Gun Videos, post them here.

    Nice reloads Stu.
  4. Glock 19 trigger recommendations

    I have a gen 4 g17 where all I did was put a 3.5 lb connector in it. But honestly, running the 30,000 - 40,000 rounds through it made far more of a difference than anything else. I have a gen 4 g19 that I carry. I didn't do anything to it at all. The trigger is perfectly fine for a carry gun...
  5. Shooting/Training and Gun Videos, post them here.

    That looks like a lot of fun. Good stuff guys.
  6. Shooting/Training and Gun Videos, post them here.

    Just because its a line in a funny video doesn't make it not a viable technique. As for the DBAL, yes it has IR, and no the technique doesn't work for shit with NV. Just because it doesn't work at night doesn't mean I can't use it during the day. You make it sound like there is only one way...
  7. Shooting/Training and Gun Videos, post them here.

    I am turning the gun to check the chamber for jams/malfunctions. I know I can feel the recoil change on an empty gun, but sometimes a jam can feel the same. I would rather check the gun and clear a jam instead of automatically ditch the ammo. As for the roll to ditch the mag, have you ever shot...
  8. Shooting/Training and Gun Videos, post them here.

    Great idea, thanks for the tip!
  9. Shooting/Training and Gun Videos, post them here.

    Some rifle and pistol reload practice.
  10. AR-15 thread... I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    Shot a couple weeks ago. Not a 5.56 but still an AR.
  11. Too Much Scope???

    I think for me at least, the most significant difference between a cheap scope and a higher end scope is eye fatigue. With lower grade glass you will find your eye will tend to compensate for any blurriness which in turn wears you out faster. If you intend to be sitting behind your scope for any...
  12. Too Much Scope???

    You're making the assumption that all that money is going into making the scope more shock resistant? Good glass costs money.
  13. Anyone Own A LaRue Tactical PredatOBR?

    Friend of mine has a PredatOBR and it comes apart very easily. No welds on the barrel nut.
  14. New acquisitions June

    Although this rifle was actually ordered on January 7th of 2013, it was finally delivered June 4th 2014. It was worth the wait [smile]
  15. Show us your .308's Semi-Autos

    Loving all the AR-10s. It's an awesome platform. I have been getting to use mine a lot more since I finally got setup to reload 308.
  16. Hora Dolor 3: Oh look, candy!

    Had a great time. Thanks to everyone that helped put it together.
  17. 10 rd ar stoner mags in stock @ Midway

    Not to sound like an ass, but who the hell wants 10 round AR mags?
  18. sshooting stance

    Not a "tight grouping" guy? As opposed to what? A "crappy grouping" guy? Stance doesn't matter at 30 feet shooting for accuracy. Shooting for accuracy helps you improve your ability to shoot at speed. Hell, shooting for accuracy TEACHES you how to shoot at speed. Walk before you can run. From...
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