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  1. Glocks fail to go boom (pic heavy)

    Now that I have the attention of haters and fanboys alike, I would like to lay upon you this lovely turd of knowledge I managed to acquire at the range today. This doesn't apply to those of us here that live in a state where an individual can be trusted to own a standard capacity magazine...
  2. Article: BROWE 4x32 Combat Optic (BCO) Review

    You can view the page at
  3. BROWE 4x32 Combat Optic (BCO) Review

    Product Specs: taken from manufacturers’ website Magnification: 4x Entrance Pupil: 32mm Exit Pupil: 8mm Eye Relief: 37mm Length: 132mm nominal Width: 67mm nominal Weight: 17 oz. Field of view: 7 ° Adjustment at 100 yards: .5 MOA Adjustment: Internally adjustable prism Reticle...
  4. What is this? Need some internet detectives

    I found these while going through my grandfather's basement but I need help determining what they are. If I had to guess (and I have), I would say that these are some sort of training sight for a bomber / fighter. While doing a quick search online I only managed to come up with a lot of...
  5. Russia to finally classify beer as alcohol

    The title says it all [laugh]
  6. Pirates make a huge mistake

    I have to say I laughed my ass off when I saw the picture of the pirate boat, it looks like an over sized ghetto bath tub. And the best part, the pirates seemed "surprised" when a navy ship fought back Also you will note that the French ship did not wave the white flag...
  7. Need help picking your first handgun? *Please read*

    There are a lot of new and inexperienced shooters out there, and it is great to see the sport taking on new members. As these people join our midst we are flooded with questions, one of the most common being “what should my first gun be?” A friend of mine just recently got his LTC and asked me...
  8. Cool weapon

    I have seen this on tv once or twice but I had never seen it used on someone before. Was definitely cool to see how fast it really works. I am assuming it is for riot control applications.
  9. It's a

    Wait for it...wait for it...[mg] PERFECT!
  10. I can make Modern Art!

    I just finished getting back from the range with my Dad for fathers day, we had a great time! We decided we would make it a .22 LR day so we could just hang out and shoot lots and lots of fun down range. The guns we were using were as follows: a Marlin Glenfield Model 25 bolt action rifle, my...
  11. Ruger 10/22 Custom Build

    I just registered to this forum today so I am posting pictures of the Ruger 10/22 I just recently finished building. This is my first completely custom gun that I have built so tell me what you guys think. I bought a stock Ruger 10/22 carbine in order to strip it for parts, primarily just the...
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