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  1. 2022 Fishing Thread

    I searched and didn’t find one for this year yet. If I missed it, sorry, mods please delete. Went out for the first time this year today. I only stayed for an hour and a half because the sun was right in my face and it was brutal out. First cast of the season and I caught this little guy...
  2. Blue Book of gun values

    Was window shopping online and I saw this. Blue Book of Gun Values 43rd Edition by Zachary R. Fjestad & Lisa I almost bought it, but then I wondered how accurate it would be. Seems to be a lot of factor like where you live, what case is on the SC docket, etc. how much did the value of an AR...
  3. I have no self control

    I go into the shop looking for this: And I also wind up walking out with this beauty. I think I have a problem.
  4. Night sight installation

    Is there someone in the mill that can install the good, radioactive night sights on a P-30 without f***ing up the zero? All I ask is that the factory zero stays as is. I got hosed the last time I had it done. Threw the sights way to the left. Any smiths in the mill that can do the job right...
  5. New Gun expended cartridge?

    Heard a new one today. I know most guns come with a he white envelope that has the test fire casing in it. A guy today told me the bullet goes to the FBI to record the rifling. I figure it’s bullshit, but I never really thought about it. What say the forum?
  6. Small .45 for CC

    I just got a G-36. It’s about the same size as my G-19 and I am looking for something a little slimmer for daily carry. I had a Springfield XDS in .45 and while the size was nice, the slide bit my hand when I shot it. Any suggestions?
  7. Legal Arms

    Maybe some of you saw my post a couple days ago about trying to find a Mossberg Shockwave. On a members recommendation, I went to Legal Arms in the mill in Littleton. Aside from getting lost as hell and walking about 3 miles in there, I had a great experience. He ordered what I wanted and said...
  8. Mossberg Shockwave in MA?

    Is this something you can get from a private sale or are the totally banned In MA? I really want one.
  9. Glock Mag Extension. Who makes the best one?

    Thread title says it all. Bought a G36 and want to add a couple rounds to the spare mags.
  10. Pistol Loading Question

    I’ve heard mixed opinions on this. When loading a gun, is there anything wrong with just dropping the round in the chamber and releasing the slide instead of loading from the magazine? Loading and unloading the same round caused set back and I’ve seen the casing get dinged up also. Some have...
  11. My Son’s First Rifle

    Kind of. For his 9th birthday, I Went with the Red Rider. A little hard for him to cock, but he manages. He loves it and is a surprisingly good shot. If he is responsible with it, hopefully I will be on here next year asking about a good .22 Happy Birthday, Logan!
  12. Odd Long Range Shooting Question

    I know nothing on this subject, so excuse my ignorance. I was reading a book about an assassin who was setting up a hit with a scoped rifle. In the book he didn’t take it to a range and dial it in, but used some laser system to zero the rifle. Is this possible or total fiction? I assume it’s...
  13. Need help with a BB gun.

    My sons 9th birthday is coming up and I’d like to get him a BB gun. I live in MA and nobody will ship here that I can find. I’m about a half hour from Nashua though and could use some suggestions as to places and models. Price isn’t really an object, but I don’t want something really dangerous...
  14. Question about double edged knives.

    First off, I hope I posted this in the right forum. Apologies if not. I have a large knife I really like and it has about a third of the back edge sharpened. I know this makes it illegal to carry in MA. If I were to take a stone to the back edge and make it totally dull, would this make it...
  15. Semi High End Rods and Reels?

    I’ve been fishing since I was a little kid. Never spent more than $30 on a rod and reel combo and have always been happy with an ugly stick or whatever. I’m recently retired and fishing is my only real hobby that involves leaving the house, so I’m considering putting a little cash into a fancy...
  16. EDC With FMJ ammo?

    Just curious what the consensus is on carrying with FMJ (ball, whatever) instead of fancy self defense rounds. ammo is in short supply, but I have a good stash of range ammo. I guess over penetration can be a concern, but FMJ will do the job in a pinch I figure. Does anyone prefer to carry FMJ?
  17. Microtech knives for sale

    All are in basically brand new condition. Never sharpened, used or carried. Hate to sell but Christmas is coming and my boys really want a VR headset. Can send better pictures upon request. I no longer have the boxes but these are the real deal. Purchased from Bladehq Urban camo Halo V OTF $475...
  18. Question about selling a firearm.

    If someone is covered under LEOSA and doesn't have a MA LTC, can they legally sell a firearm in a private sale? Google wasn't much help. Thanks
  19. I'm Disgusted

    Gentlemen, I have officially checked out of reading the news or keeping up with current events. I have blocked all the news pages and firearms related ones on Facebook, I don't watch the news anymore, I try to avoid any discussions about politics, guns, or anything related. I simply can't...
  20. A Veteran's Day Story

    No love.
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